Bush to Sell Weapons to Saudi Arabia Which Funds Sunni Insurgents in Iraq

July 27, 2007 at 11:31 pm | Posted in America, American politics, Bush Administration, conservatives, corruption, Foreign Policy, Iran, Iraq, Military, Saudi Arabia, secret combinations | 4 Comments

That’s basically the gist of what is going on right now.

The Bush administration is preparing to ask Congress to approve an arms sale package for Saudi Arabia and its neighbors that is expected to eventually total $20 billion at a time when some United States officials contend that the Saudis are playing a counterproductive role in Iraq.

Yeah, that “counterproductive role in Iraq” is Saudis supporting and financing Sunni insurgents on a level far exceeding that of what Iran does with the Shi’ites. After all, most of the violence against Americans come from Sunnis. Remember the kind of relationship the Bush administration has with the Saudi Royal Family where the Saudi King can summon the Vice President of the United States! As Steve writes for Carpetbagger:

Dick Cheney was in Riyadh over the weekend, but the VP’s office, which is not exactly forthcoming on a regular basis, was unusually vague about this trip. According to what Cheney aides were willing to share, the Vice President traveled half-way around the world for a two-hour meeting with King Abdullah, then hoped on his plane and came home. A spokesperson for the VP’s office would only say that Cheney’s meeting covered a “wide range of issues.” Yeah, that’s helpful.

While the AP suggested that Cheney’s trip was part of a “U.S. diplomatic push to stem surging violence in Iraq,” the WaPo reported that that the push for the meeting came from the Saudis, not the other way around. (via Nico)

Saudi Arabia is so concerned about the damage that the conflict in Iraq is doing across the region that it basically summoned Vice President Cheney for talks over the weekend, according to U.S. officials and foreign diplomats.

Classic. No wonder Cheney and his aides wanted to keep this under wraps; it’s rather humiliating to have the Saudi Crown Prince “summon” our VP for a chat about how badly he’s screwing up the Middle East.

I’ve often wondered if there was any force on earth that could get Cheney to do something he doesn’t want to do. He’s not inclined to care about Congress, or follow U.S. law, or honor U.S. commitments, or negotiate, compromise, or cooperate with anyone.

But when “summoned” by King Abdullah, Cheney is on the plane. Good to know.

How much more evidence do you want, America, that the Bush administration is fake, that they have completely and utterly abrogated the oath they took to uphold the Constitution and protect America? Here they are selling advanced weaponry to the very country that strongly supports and aides Sunni insurgents who turn around and kill our soldiers? Where is the outrage akin to the outrage against Iran? Why are we outraged at Iran’s involvement in Iraq but not Saudi Arabia’s?


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  1. Bush should focus on terrorists if he does anything at all in the Middle East. Since the US government tends to bungle these things and since there is concern that the US wants to occupy Arab lands, the US government needs to offer prizes for capture of those groups who are actually attacking the US. That gets the US what it needs and allows Arabs to control the process where it has to do with their lands.

    Selling weapons to Arabian countries and then increasing weapons sales to Israel to balance it all out is crazy. Nonintervention makes more and more sense.

  2. Scott,

    Thank you for your comments. They are spot on.

  3. watch this story

    really, that’s how we should be allowed to settle things. A good old game of football (yep, that’s football, not soccer!) played over 90 minutes, then everyone goes home. It worked for Christmas Day in the trenches in 1914. Why not now? Nothing else seems to be working…

  4. I’m a little late here, but I live in Riyadh, and although I think you are right on in many other things having to do with the Bush administration, I have to say you are mislead when it comes to the Saudis.

    First off…Don’t think that the Saudis in Iraq represent the typical Saudi. Those Saudis in Iraq have nothing to do with the government or the prevalent thought here. In fact, part of the reason they are in Iraq is that King Abdullah has cracked down hard on those of the “deviant” mindset and they would be in jail here – or worse.

    Secondly…Most Saudis are very embarrassed that any of their countrymen had anything to do with 9/11. If you look at where the 9/11 hijackers were from in Saudi, you see that most of them were from a specific area in southern Saudi near the Yemeni border that is known for its poverty and problems. It would be like associating all people from Utah with the polygamists who followed Warren Jeffs.

    If you could see the average Saudi here, you would see a family oriented people who embrace peace. They like Americans although they do not agree with our foreign policy. But you and I don’t agree with our foreign policy either.

    Third…We sell weapons to different countries all over the world. Why should be hold out against a country that has been our staunch ally in a part of the world where so many hate us? Are we so invested in the welfare of Israel (as honest and upright as they may be – take a look at their recent political scandals) that we won’t do business with an opposing country?

    Fourth…We need an ally that is able to call us on our bad handling of the war in Iraq. We also need an Arab perspective on how to be more effective there (for the good of the Iraqi people.) I can’t stand Dick Cheney, but I hope he listens to King Abdullah.

    We have enemies because of our arrogance. Let’s not get so caught up in the supposed “summoning” that we miss the big picture. Obviously, the Bush administration needs advice. What Arab would you rather have Cheney/Bush take council from? I don’t think that King Abdullah is such a bad choice.

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