The Failing Surge, The Failing Withdrawal

August 7, 2007 at 6:01 am | Posted in American politics, Bush Administration, Iraq, Military, secret combinations, Tony Blair | 2 Comments

To show just what a Catch-22 we’re in over in Iraq, two reports out this morning from Washington Post present a nice contrast between both options: surging and withdrawing.

On the failing surge, we read how the Maliki government teeters on collapse as US troops lose another nine soldiers.

On the failing withdrawal of British troops from Basra, we read of increasing violence as Shi’ite factions fight each other for control.

What does this evidence mean? Well, put simply, we should never have gone in in the first place. The whole experiment is a failure. And also, the cynic in me is starting to believe that Tony Blair planned with Bush to withdraw forces from Basra before Americans withdrew from the rest of the country. The reason being is now becoming clear. Tony Blair knew that Basra was not ready for an actual withdrawal. But at the behest of Bush, he began withdrawing his troops. This way, when British soldiers leave and Basra regresses to violent tribalism, Bush can go to the American people and say, “See, this is what happens when you withdraw precipitously.” (Of course he would never use such a big word like that). Maybe I’m too cynical, but with this administration, I’ve learned that nothing should be dismissed as the possible actual events.



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  1. I think he agreed to pull out so Gordon Brown wouldn’t have to.

  2. I think he agreed to pull out because he knew how unpopular it was becoming at home, so won him brownie points. Plus, they’re needed in the mess that is Afghanistan. that’s our bigger problem just now.

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