The Surge Is Not Working

August 24, 2007 at 8:52 am | Posted in American politics, Iraq | 3 Comments

Kevin Drum has the details with a nifty table comparing vital numbers from June/July of 2006 and June/July of 2007. If the Surge is supposed to reduce violence to allow a political solution to come to fruition, then there should be less violence in June/July of 2007 compared to that of the same period in 2006. Furthermore, if the point of the Surge is to give Iraqis more economic results, then things like electricity and gas should be going up in 2007 compared to 2006. But look at the numbers, from the Brookings Institution, the same think tank run by Michael O’Hanlon, the coward who has tried to straddle both sides so when this is all over, he can claim to be on the side of the victorious. Unfortunately for him, his own think tank’s numbers are showing what a folly it is to support this war any further.


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  1. Ok, I’m a conservative Mormon, but I have to admit, wouldn’t it be great if we could get something going like Alma and the sons of Mosiah did in bringing peace between enemies? If it COULD happen then, why not now?

    I mean COULD….

  2. Mike,

    That’s a great idea. Trouble is we’re not employing the techniques that Alma and the sons of Mosiah used to bring about peace. Alma and the sons of Mosiah did not go invade the Lamanites. Instead, they went there at great personal risk to serve the people of the Lamanites, gain their trust, and then teach them the gospel. We’re in no way doing that in Iraq.

  3. Not just the surge . . . .it’s the whole war idea that isn’t working, and hasn’t from day 1

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