Republicans Wish To Be a Permanent Minority Party

August 29, 2007 at 9:25 pm | Posted in American politics, conservatives, family values, homosexuality, Larry Craig | 5 Comments

In light of Senator Larry Craig’s bathroom homosexual scandal, we get the Idaho Values Alliance wanting the following. Purge dastardly homosexuals and other sinners from the ideologically pure Republican party!

One larger issue must be addressed. The Republican Party platform clearly rejects the agenda of homosexual activists. The Party, in the wake of the Mark Foley incident in particular, can no longer straddle the fence on the issue of homosexual behavior. Even setting Senator Craig’s situation aside, the Party should regard participation in the self-destructive homosexual lifestyle as incompatible with public service on behalf of the GOP.

No member of the Republican Party in the 1860s could represent his party and be a slaveholder at the same time. Nor can the Republican Party of today speak with authority and clarity to the moral issues that confront our society and at the same time send ambivalent messages about sexual behavior. It is time for the Republican Party to be the party that defends the American family in word, deed, and by personal example.

Of course this will never happen. As Dale Carpenter wrote in the Volokh Conspiracy in a masterful piece, Republicans will never be able to purge homosexuals from their midst. There are too many of them, closeted and unstable. It’s their lot in life. They believe in the principles of conservatism, but have no party where they feel at home. They have to pretend they are someone they are not in order to fit in. It’s pretty sad and I really feel sorry for them. I do hope Republicans will wake up someday and try to understand the plight of a conservative homosexual. How does one who believes in “family values,” “small government,” “low taxes,” etc. reconcile feelings for someone of the same sex. Must be tough.

Man, I really am a bleeding heart liberal. I really feel empathy for closeted conservative homosexuals and what they have to go through.


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  1. I’ve been disgusted at the victory dancing in the wake of the whole Larry Craig fiasco. I wish more folks like you would just feel sorry for someone who reaches that point and makes a really dumb decision. I know I do.

  2. Jesse,

    I don’t think I expressed myself well, because I think you misunderstand my post. On the one hand, I am picking on the Idaho Values Alliance and their desire to purge the Republican party of homosexuals. But most of my post is trying to show that IVA’s desires will be impossible, because there are too many closeted Republican gays. I really do feel for them, because they honestly believe in conservative principles, but don’t really have a party that they really belong to. It’s especially hard for someone like Larry Craig whose social environment makes it impossible to really live as his body desires. He MUST be married with children; it is what his society calls for, regardless for what he actually feels.

    I’m certainly not doing any victory dancing.

  3. I wasn’t saying you were. I’m saying that others are and you’re taking the high road and avoiding it.

  4. Ah I get it. Sorry for the confusion. 🙂

  5. Steve Benen writes in the Carpetbagger Report

    But it’d be naive to think the Foley affair offered the GOP a new scandal-response to applied evenly in every instance. Craig is feeling swift retribution because a) he’d be replaced by a Republican; and b) Republicans think gays are icky. If 2006’s lessons had really taught the GOP to “respond with lightning speed” to scandals, Sen. David Vitter (R-La.) would have faced real scorn after his prostitution scandal and Sen. Ted Stevens (R-Alaska) would have been isolated after FBI agents raided his house.

    But that didn’t cleary happen.

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