So Much For Democracy in Iraq

August 30, 2007 at 7:12 pm | Posted in American politics, corruption, Democracy, Iraq, Republicans, secret combinations | 5 Comments

Looks like the Bush administration is going to contract out to Allawi to instigate a coup and overthrow a democratically elected government in Iraq.

Of course this is no surprise. Republicans have a long history of overthrowing democratically elected governments that don’t do what they are told by their American masters. (see Eisenhower’s support of Operation Ajax – the 1953 Iranian coup d’etat and Nixon’s support of the Chilean coup of 1973.).

But, well…just what are our American soldiers dying for if it wasn’t to bring democracy to Iraq?


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  1. well, if Iraq isn’t meeting the benchmarks,
    then the Bush adinistration don’t have much time (or the experience, in the light of the White House exodus in recent weeks) to turn things around. So, same old same old?

    I’m interested to see if the reports of the White House ‘doctoring’ findings turn out to be true.

  2. Unfortunately Anne, they will be true. It actually is amazing that we even had the GAO’s report leaked to us, showing that the White House was going to doctor its report. This is how things work in this White House. They lie like they breathe.

  3. It’s not just Republicans though is it? Wasn’t Johnson a Democrat? He oversaw the coup in Brazil in 1965. His administration supported the Suharto government’s power grab in the same year which resulted in Suharto cleansing at least 500,000 landless peasants from their existence on earth.

  4. Oh yeesh Daniel. You’re starting to become a little to conspiracy theory happy aren’t you? A post on someone’s blog does not a governmental approved coup make. Just because you believe that BushCo is the agent of all things hideously evil does not translate to every negative thing ever mentioned in any media forum the gospel truth.

    Even Vlad (the Impaler) as evil of an SOB as he was had hundreds of false stories about his life printed, circulated and believed by the people.

  5. cew-smoke,

    What’s the problem with quoting another blogger? That’s digby who quoted this report from Michael Isikoff, one who generally gets meaty intelligence stories like this one. His stories end up being quite accurate.

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