Video Shows Blackwater Fired First

September 22, 2007 at 3:57 pm | Posted in blackwater, condoleezza rice, corruption, Iraq, secret combinations, Terrorism, War | 5 Comments

Well, this won’t go over well for those who back Blackwater, but Blackwater employees fired first in last week’s incident according to a video.

Time to fire a lot of people Ms. Rice. Time to hold them accountable and charge them with the murders they committed. Remember, they were working for the United States of America while they killed these civilians. If they are immune from prosecution, what does that say about the standards of this country?

This is normally called terrorism when done by our “enemies.”


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  1. you know… the use of mercenaries is usually a redflag for impending decline

  2. Good point. Not quite mercenaries but not quite regular forces either: The British Gurkhas remain fine fighters, but for a second-rate has-been power. Ditto the French Foreign Legion. Islamic Spain (Al-Andalus) fell in part because they didn’t have a broad-based citizen military force relying instead upon imported Berber units from across the straits in Morocco, while the Castillians and other Christian Spaniards were able to mobilize large portions of their entire adult male population to fight. Of course, perhaps the counter-argument is George Washington and his Hessians. But then those guys were there at the birth of a nation, not the peak of an empire.

  3. Oh whoops, stupid me, the Hessians fought for the Brits against Washington 🙂 Guess the examples of the top of my head run a clean sweep in your favor then Rev Manny.

  4. So basically they have been given free reign to do what they please, without repercussion .. gobsmacked

  5. basically Trudy.

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