Greenspan on Iraq: It Really Is About The Oil

September 24, 2007 at 3:01 pm | Posted in Iraq, oil | 1 Comment

Alan Greenspan writes in his book that oil had much to do with the war in Iraq. Then he hedged those words later, but now he comes back and restates that indeed it was about oil:

ALAN GREENSPAN: People do not realize in this country, for example, how tenuous our ties to international energy are. That is, we on a daily basis require continuous flow. If that flow is shut off, it causes catastrophic effects in the industrial world. And it’s that which made him far more important to get out than bin Laden.

There you go. But, Mr. Greenspan, why didn’t you open your mouth when it actually mattered?

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  1. He never said he disagreed with it. That just shows you how messed up Washington is.

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