Where in the World is Michael Gordon?

September 29, 2007 at 7:02 pm | Posted in Iraq | 6 Comments

Have y’all noticed that ever since General Petraeus’ bamboozling report to Congress on September 11, we haven’t heard much at all from Michael Gordon, the New York Times reporter who is the Bush administration’s latest propagandist. Note that in and around General Petraeus’ testimony, we got like three articles from Mr. Gordon, all praising His Lordship, the good General. Suddenly, nothing.



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  1. This blog really sucks. You are not man enough to pick up Petaeus’s jock strap, not to mention Condoleeza’s. The half-baked opinions and half-assed ideas you crib from other sites and plagiarize here really are a sorry excuse for political thought. You are blinded by hate and self-righteousness.

    You really ought to talk to your bishop about this pathetic and vile exercise in self-gratification. The church frowns on masturbation.

  2. Huh, and here I thought you were the perfect Christ-like example…

    Boy if only more people were like you, then we’d have such peace and happiness in the world.

  3. Man, right-wingers are so unhinged. They really really hate it when we dare challenge their god…er I mean general. But of course it’s okay for Republicans and conservatives to trash generals and dare say they are betraying us.

    My how they have fallen. We generally wouldn’t care, except they still hold too strong of a position of power and influence. Give it two more years and they’ll be back to squawking noisily from the sidelines like they did before Rush Limbaugh came to power.

  4. Give it up, please. Every word you type reveals an even greater depth of ignorance. You don’t know the first thing about my politics. I’m going to vote for Hillary.

    You really are a hater, blinded by vanity.

  5. Pete, you sound upset.

    By the way, do you have a sister named Bette?

  6. By the way, do you have a sister named Bette?


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