Why the No Child Left Behind Act Is An Utter and Complete Failure

October 6, 2007 at 8:36 am | Posted in American politics, No Child Left Behind | 4 Comments


Read the article yourself. It can’t be easily summarized. There is no better way to create exactly the counter effect desired than to create a law like the NCLB.

I’m sorry, but the link was session based, and I can’t view it anymore either. Give me a bit to get it again, and I’ll post some of the remarks.

UPDATED AGAIN: It seems there was a problem with the website, but the link now works correctly.


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  1. The link does not seem to work.

    I agree with you, NCLB has failed. The intent was good, but the actual results have not matched the intent.

    NCLB was passed with bipartisan support, and hopefully Congress–both parties together–can repair the damage done.

  2. Thanks for that Brian. I’ll try to get it again (my wife shared it with me and she’s sleeping now with our daughter).

  3. Daniel, I think the web site was probably down for maintenance. Try posting again. I’d like to read the article and then send it to my sister who is a teacher. She is very opinionated on NCLB, critical, you might say. 🙂

  4. It should work now.

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