Cowards, the Whole Lot of Them!

October 9, 2007 at 5:46 am | Posted in Congress, corruption, Democrats | 7 Comments

Damn those Democrats in Congress! They are more afraid of being branded “soft on terrorism” than listening to their own DAMN CONSTITUENTS! Wake up you stupid idiots!


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  1. Harry Reid and the new democratic majority have been a great disappointment. I realize they don’t have the votes; but, they could have should have been more aggressive, more vocal, and less concerned about what they think the republicans might say or how they might brand them for doing what America elected them to do: End the war, restore civil liberties, return America to a the higher ground of moral leadership in the world.

  2. Ditto Dan.

    Ditto Guy.

  3. Guy,

    You’re an “Americanist”! That is just so shameful. What gives you the right to think, no matter who is at the helm, that America is qualified to ever be a “moral leader”.

    Just kidding. I think the U.S. has a duty to set a good example for the world. I just couldn’t resist using a little leftist jab, being as I am a rightist. Hehe.

  4. Just because I am a hateful, warmongering, racist, homophobic, knuckle-dragging, republican conservative I thought I would do a little poking.


    Daniel, do you think it is somehow possible that these political leaders have access to more information than you do and have the position they do because of that? A little grandstanding for the folks back home, but in reality are not truly vested in abandoning Iraq at this point in time? Food for thought.


  5. I’ve spent enough time in Washington and various pieces of the bureaucracy to know that while they may have pieces of information we do not, they do not necessarily have more information or enough sensibility to listen to the information that matters. That goes for politicians of all stripes, but of course the Bushies and Cheneyites have taken those failures to new heights.

  6. cew-smoke,

    It is of course possible, as you say. However, it is highly improbable. Take for instance the “gotcha moments” last year with the House leaders on counterterrorism and Iraq who did NOT EVEN KNOW the differences between Sunni and Shi’ite tribes! That should be a signal to you that they really are not in the loop like some of us think they are.

  7. Non-Arab Arab,

    I’m really curious with information so vastly available, just what could politicians in Washington know more than those of us who keep up on these topics on a daily basis…

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