There Are No Civilians In Iraq

October 21, 2007 at 7:06 am | Posted in Iraq | 1 Comment

…only “insurgents,” “bad guys,” “militants,” “criminals,” “terrorists,” etc. There are no women and children to protect. If there are women and children (which of course there aren’t in Iraq), then it’s their fault for being in the way of America’s goals of this week’s bad guy of the week. In the eyes of our military, it is okay to kill 45 people in the search/hunt of one “suspected” bad guy. This week’s Bad Guy of the Week is “Special Groups”:

“Special Groups are Shiia extremist militant groups trained, funded and supplied primarily by Iran through the Islamic Revolutionary Guards — Quds Force,” said U.S. Army Lt. Justin Cole.

“Special Groups have evolved over the past three years into insurgent elements using a cellular structure and operating independently.”

“Special Groups operate throughout Iraq,” Cole said. “They plan and execute bombings, kidnappings, sectarian murders and more against Iraqi citizens, Iraqi forces and coalition personnel.”

See, Al-Qaeda is no longer our Bad Guy of the Week. It no longer is the Sadr Army. No, now our enemy of the week is this shadowy individual who goes around Iraq arming Shi’ite militias to fight, well, whoever. Huh, I thought we used to do that. In any case, it sure sucks for Iraqis that they chose to be born in Iraq, to be of that culture. They should have been born American instead. Maybe then their lives would be a little more valuable to the occupying force constantly taking their lives…

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  1. Yes, I read tonight that we just blasted to kingdom come another 49 “insurgents” by aerial bombing in Sadr City. Of course there are photos by the local police units showing dead children. This is why knighthospitaller is wrong when he says that we need to stay there to save Iraq. We are actually killing Iraq one individual at a time… one kid at a time, or, on occasions like this, 49 individuals at a time. Insurgents are citizens too.

    Wouldn’t the outrage be palpable if we used similar techniques to catch bad guys in America? There’s a bad guy in that D.C. neighborhood… quick send in the air force and blow up a few city blocks… that’ll probably get him (and 48 other individuals). Let’s get out of Iraq please.

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