On Turkey, Terrorists and Iran

October 23, 2007 at 5:30 am | Posted in Iran, Terrorism, Turkey | Leave a comment

Dang, they make this too easy:

IT IS NOT merely statesmanlike restraint or responsiveness to U.S., European and Arab every sane person’s appeals that have so far prevented Turkey the United States from launching a military invasion of northern Iraq. Iran. Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan President George W. Bush and his military commanders are also acutely aware that such an operation would play into the hands of the Kurdish Workers Party, or PKK, Iranian Republican Guard the insurgent group that is dug into the rugged, mountainous terrain along the Turkish-Iraqi border. Twelve Turkish soldiers were killed and eight others captured in a PKK ambush inside Turkey on Sunday; if there were an invasion, Ankara’s losses would be much higher, while the chances that PKK Iranian Republican Guard bases inside Iraq Iran could be wiped out are small. Meanwhile, Turkey’s America’s gains in integrating its ethnic Kurd Iranian population [in the world community]– a large part of which voted for Mr. Erdogan’s party in recent elections — could be nullified.

It really is too easy. One wonders why war proponents don’t want Turkey to go after terrorists who killed Turkish soldiers, but are so quick to want to invade and destroy Iran. Hypocrites!

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