New Steps Toward War With Iran

October 25, 2007 at 5:43 am | Posted in Bush Administration, Iran, Republicans, secret combinations, War | 11 Comments

Keep an eye on this administration, everybody. They are slowly setting the stage for what will be called a “no-brainer” in Cheney’s words: war with Iran. We talk about it so much it will soon become an inexorable inevitability.

The Bush administration will announce a long-debated policy of new sanctions against Iran on Thursday, accusing the elite Quds division of the Revolutionary Guard Corps of supporting terrorism, administration officials said Wednesday night.

The administration also plans to accuse the entire Revolutionary Guard Corps of proliferating weapons of mass destruction, the officials said. While the United States has long labeled Iran as a state sponsor of terrorism, the decision to single out the Guard reflects increased frustration in the administration with the slow pace of diplomatic negotiations over Tehran’s nuclear program.

Both designations will put into play unilateral sanctions intended to impede the Revolutionary Guard and those who do business with it. This is the first time that the United States has taken such steps against the armed forces of any sovereign government.

The action against the Revolutionary Guard, first reported by The Washington Post, would set in motion a series of automatic sanctions that would make it easier for the United States to block financial accounts and other assets controlled by the Guard. In particular, the action would freeze any assets the Guard has in the United States, although it is unlikely that the Guard maintains much in the way of assets in American banks or other institutions.

The decision will be announced jointly on Thursday by Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, the administration officials said. “This is going to be a broad and wide-ranging effort,” a senior administration official said. “We will be freezing assets, and there will be ripple effects of where we can go from there.”

And that is EXACTLY the point of this move. Where do you think they can go from here? The more the Bush administration takes these steps, the easier it will be for them to argue with Americans that that secret attack on Iranians they will be taking in a few months was absolutely necessary for your safety, America, even though it had nothing to do with your safety.

You are being bamboozled again.


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  1. We need a new administration, NOW, before we get lead into another pointless war. We need Congress to absolutely not allow the war-mongers to continue their destruction of civil liberties and prevent the obliteration of U.S. standing and reputation throughout the world.

  2. I’m with you Mike. I highly doubt we can stop this train wreck, however. It is set on jumping over the cliff.

  3. US requests bunker-busting MOPs for the theatre.

    Huh, I wonder for what country would they need a bunker-busting MOP?

  4. I’m so looking forward to January, 2009. These guys are rediculous…….

  5. They’re also ridiculous. 😉

  6. Wow Dan, way to play petty—especially against me who has been super, super sick. Way to go! You’re hilarious and hee-larious.

  7. Seriously though, I’ve been struggling with my asthma and have had a hard time breathing, thanks to a virus and respiratory infection. I pride myself on my spelling, and the one time I make a spelling mistake because I’m having a real rough time you make a joke of it? Touche, I guess. Of course, I should be happy to see you try and make a joke. Even at a sick person’s expense. (Oh yes, I’m making you feel guilty..and pressing your buttons like that, I’m sly like a fox. Sly like a fox.)

  8. sheesh, you tell me to lighten up and when I do, you pounce on me like a hungry lion on a fattened zebra! sheesh, I tell ya. No respect.

    I’m sorry that you’re sick though. That really sucks.

  9. lioness, thank you very much.

    Oh Rodney, maybe you do have a sense of humor.

    I get fiesty when I’m sick. I’m pretty sure that’s a side-effect of albuterol.

  10. New U.S intelligence report:

    indicating the Iran stopped its nuclear development program in 2003. That’s our intelligence, not the IAEA or anyone the administration can belittle as being anti-American. I guess Cheney will have to come up with another reason to start another war in the Middle East.

  11. Thanks for sharing Mike. I would have blogged about it, but I’ve been very busy.

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