We’re Becoming the Enemy

October 27, 2007 at 8:34 am | Posted in Bush Administration, corruption, King George, secret combinations, Torture, War | 2 Comments

We’ve ‘disappeared’ many people since Bush took power. This is the kind of thing we used to use as an excuse to attack other nations. Now we do it ourselves.


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  1. Come on, even with the torture, the rendition, Guantanamo, our loss of civil liberties, our self-centeredness, our pre-emptive wars, our consumerism, the totally passivity of our media, the warmongering of our foreign policy, our anti-intellectual attitude toward internationalism, our debt, our sound-bite, bumper-sticker voter mentality, we still have it better than Canada.

  2. That’s true, we don’t have loonies as they do. 🙂

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