Musharraf, Bush’s Man in Pakistan Declares Martial Law

November 3, 2007 at 2:58 pm | Posted in American politics, Bush Administration, Pakistan | 6 Comments

This must be talked about. I’ve warned before that Pakistan is our most dangerous situation in the world right now. Not Iraq. And certainly not Iran. Both Bush and Bin Laden have the same exact strategy, “fight them in Iraq so we don’t fight them here.” For Bush it is so we don’t fight them in America. For Bin Laden, it is so we don’t fight them in Pakistan.

Today, General Musharraf, our dictator in Pakistan, who has several nukes in his arsenal, has declared martial law in Pakistan. This is of course very significant. The reason he declared martial law is because his position is weakening. So instead of bowing out (which is what happens in democracies) he holds on to his power by tightening his grip. This is going to end badly for Pakistan. Nothing good will come of this. And who knows, mayhap in the not too distant future, we might have to get involved. After all, if Musharraf falls and Pakistan goes to the Islamic fundamentalists…well, what is the stated goal of our GWOT (Global War on Terror)? One wonders then if part of the deal we gave to India in exchange for providing them nuclear technology back in 2005, was not also that they would be our proxy in Pakistan should Musharraf fall.

Our dear leader really is doing what he can to exacerbate another world war.

Tonight, Senator Enver Baig, a leading member of Ms. Bhutto’s party, stood in front of the country’s Supreme Court building and called on the United States and its allies to rein in General Musharraf.

“The only answer to all these problems is a fair election and a civilian government,” he said, as police cordoned off the court building. “It’s a very sad day for Pakistan.”

Indeed it is.


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  1. I fully agree and have said the same thing too ! Pakistan is a hot bed of trouble and armed with nuclear weapons .. and yet .. is a friend of foe and enemy ! and gets away with it ..

    I personally have never understood it.

  2. woops I mean a friend of us and our enemies.

  3. Michael Hirsh writes in Newsweek about the dance the Bush administration makes towards Pakistan.

    The funny thing is that we went into Iraq to prevent this VERY KIND OF THING that is happening in Pakistan. Com’on Mr. VP Cheney. Where is your 1% doctrine now?

  4. Angry Arab’s comments on this get right to the point:


    Look at this propagandistic article in the Washington Post. It wants you to know that the US just could not influence Musharraf. It just had no influence. Maybe this explains US reaction to the state of emergency: “deeply disturbing” or “deeply disappointing.” For me, the announcement in Islamabad means only one thing: that the Bush Doctrine is in full force in Pakistan.


    Look at this propaganda headline from the New York Times: “Pakistani Sets Emergency Rule, Defying the U.S..” Defying the US? Oh, yeah. The US was outraged. In fact, later in the same article, you read: “And in Washington, the White House spokesman, Gordon D. Johndroe, said, “This action is very disappointing…” Very disappointing? What strong language. What outrage. Can you imagine if this was in a country that is not aligned with the US and its wars?

  5. Non-Arab Arab,

    thanks for sharing those.

    I also find hilzoy’s post on her blog at Obsidian Wings to be quite excellent.

  6. Who, besides me, believes that Musharraf may have stolen The Bush-Cheney “playbook” or this actually may be a “dry run” to see how this same scenario would play out in the U.S. After all, I’m still convinced that Bush-Cheney will find SOME WAY to NOT leave office on January 20, 2009!

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