Sacrificing Pakistan

November 5, 2007 at 8:54 pm | Posted in Bush Administration, Pakistan | Leave a comment

(courtesy of Arif Ali/Agence France-Presse–Getty Images)

The lawyers are protesting Musharraf, and it’s not looking good. The Bush administration is fairly silent (imagine if this was Iran, for example, or remember what they said about Burma), because they are caught red handed propping up this military dictator, a complete slap in the face to their own soaring rhetoric on democracy. Their hypocrisy has not known a bigger target than Pakistan.

Who knows in what direction this will go. You generally can’t tell with civil wars, revolutions, and clampdowns by totalitarian regimes.

How long the lawyers could keep up their revolt without the support of opposition political parties, which so far have been lying low, remained in question.

That is indeed a great question. The military is highly pervasive in Pakistani culture and life. Just how could someone overthrow Musharraf unless they come from within the military? Pakistan has been unstable throughout its young history, and will likely remain so for a long while. One has to wonder, with all the lawyers protesting, just what is the relation between lawyers and the military? I’ve seen that retired military officers go on to do business. I’m curious how many lawyers used to be in the military…

A Supreme Court justice, Rana Bhagwandas, who is also under house arrest, said in a telephone interview that the United States should press for the restoration of democracy in Pakistan.

“The United States is a democratic government and democratic governments should work for democratic values across the globe,” Mr. Bhagwandas said. “Pakistan is no exception.”

Unfortunately for Pakistan (and the rest of the world), the Bush administration will do no such thing, because they’ve never had at their heart the movement of democracy. They have sacrificed democracy on the altar of the war on terrorism before (think Lebanon in the summer of 2006) and they will do it again in Pakistan. The irony, of course, is that Bush’s administration is so inept and so clumsy that if they really did have terrorism as their top priority, Pakistan would never have come to this.

Bush’s priority has always been, and always will be, the furthering of the Republican party domestically. It doesn’t matter who else loses as long as they win.


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