Sesame Street – Put Down the Duckie

November 29, 2007 at 10:53 pm | Posted in Sesame Street | 3 Comments

I’m on a Sesame Street kick right now. My daughter is 19 months old and getting into some of the good old classic stuff. I wrote about some of my favorites from the old days, but I just gotta say, I love “Put Down the Duckie” from 1986. What a great piece of music.

Now that’s awesome music!


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  1. We’ve got this old VCR tape at home of “The Best of Ernie and Bert” or something like that, and it’s wonderful.

    Did you hear that the first volume of episode of Sesame Street put to DVD has been classified as “not for children”?

    It seems that Cookie Monster, in his Alistair Cookie persona (for “Monsterpiece Theatre”) had the gall back then to be seen smoking a pipe(!), and the current crop of people running Sesame Street says that it’s just not acceptable behavior for Sesame Street characters to be doing in fron of the kids — sets a bad example, you know.

    What were Jim Henson and Co. thinking?? (They were thinking, “Will this be entertaining?” and not as the good anti-smoking Nazis would have had them think, I guess. We’ve come so far since those early days, and a lot of it might not be seen as forward progress. Would good Latter-day Saints, were they in charge of putting Sesame Street episodes on DVD, want to censor a Muppet who had been shown drinking coffee, for example? I hope not.)

  2. I did hear that. In fact I’ve been debating about purchasing Sesame Street from the beginning.

  3. Thank you, that made my day.

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