Bush Lied About Iran

December 4, 2007 at 10:32 am | Posted in American politics, Bush Administration, Cheney, corruption, Foreign Policy, George W Bush, Iran | 15 Comments

George W. Bush has, for the last several years, lied to America about Iran’s WMD program. What is worse is that he knew he was lying. He had the NIE assessment in his hand for the past year telling him that Iran’s nuclear weapons program has been dormant since 2003. But over the past year, his, and Cheney’s and their supporters’ rhetoric, has been increasingly more virulent and violent toward Iran (who can forget John McCain’s “bomb bomb bomb Iran” moment a few months back).

This is an impeachable offense (among all the rest). President Bush knew that Iran’s nuclear program was dormant. But he pressed on as if preparing his nation to war with Iran. How is this not an impeachable offense? He played politics with national security, everybody. Has it come to such a point that we merely yawn “more of the same” every time we get this kind of news? Are we past feeling so that we’re no longer shocked when we hear such bad things? Have expectations been so lowered that we’re fine with letting Bush and Cheney still be in office even after this evidence?

Iran welcomes this news, of course, and says that America must “pay a price” for all the virulent and baseless rhetoric against its people. It is very understandable. We’ve been threatening Iranians with death over something that did not exist. We would feel the same way were say, the Chinese, to do the same to us.

It is time to prepare impeachment hearings and remove Bush and Cheney from power.


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  1. And he is only a puppet. Who else is implicated?

    Ethical Method to Eliminate ALL Political Corruption:

  2. You are the master of wild speculation and accusation Daniel…

  3. No offense, but if you think a president covering something up is grounds for impeachment then every president would get impeached. I respect you feel Bush should get impeached for his past actions. I obviously disagree and think you’re a wee bit off the deep end. However, I also firmly believe that you should be able to come to your own informed opinion and share it with others who want to listen. I just think that this is not a situation that screams for impeachment.

  4. cew-smoke,

    Obviously I am not as concerned about the fact that he lied, as you say, plenty of presidents lie. But he is lying about war, cew-smoke. That should be one topic we should not be lying about. If the evidence points to one way, and you know it points that way, if you tell your people the very opposite, you’re not only a liar, but you are a detriment to the safety of the nation! That is impeachable.

  5. The irony is that this whole time “Crazy Mahmoud” has been saying they don’t have a nuclear weapons program, he was telling the truth. Iran has asserted consistently that their nuclear development is for energy purposes only–and now they are vindicated.
    GWB really shot himself in the foot with this. He’ll never get any traction on ANYTHING else regarding Iran for the rest of his presidency.

  6. Dave,

    Thanks for your comments. What is worse is that because of both our intelligence analysis results on Iran and Iraq, America as a whole will be less trustworthy in the future, regardless of who is president.

  7. Here’s an idea…maybe every president who has covered things up should have been impeached, especially when he has had the power to take the country to war over it or the power to force other nations to comply with our economic and political ideas: Nixon and Johnson with Vietnam, Ford and Carter in Central and Latin America; Reagan in too many places, (especially the Iran/Contra situation) etc. If we keep giving the executive a pass on these cover-ups that we find out while they are in office, we will reward and encourage the likes of Giuliani, who will continue to push the envelope of the powers of the executive branch. Someone needs to hold these power-lusting individuals accountable. The founders put impeachment in the Constitution for a reason. We should use it more often.

  8. Good thoughts Mike, Dan and Dave. Bush and those like him, including many past Presidents and the power structure that brought them to the Presidency, out to be dealt with by impeachment and other prosecution as their actions and lies have led to the deaths of many people and the misery of many more.

    I do disagree a bit though. Our news media is so obedient to the powers that be, that they will march to the beat of the war drums the government and other neocons beat and the media has great power at manipulating public opinion to manufacture consent for war.

  9. Someone needs to hold these power-lusting individuals accountable. The founders put impeachment in the Constitution for a reason. We should use it more often.

    I do agree. However, what would it say about a nation and it’s voters (to say nothing of those that get elected) that impeachment would be a regularly recurring event?

    Personally, I’d start to wonder about the viability of that there nation. (Would that we were all a little more concerned about the viability of this here nation.)

  10. Mark N.

    The problem with waiting for the next election round is that if a president persists in his lying and deceitful ways without being appropriately disciplined, another war based on false pretense may occur. If not for this recent U.S. Intelligence Estimate, I would be very concerned with the rhetoric flying out of the Bush administration’s mouth about Iran and the possibility of another unnecessary war in the Middle East. Sometimes there needs to be a more immediate and more powerful resolution that just “voting the bums out.”

    Can we not hold our elected officials to a high standard? Must we continue to settle for liars, cheats, panderers, philanderers, demagogues, bigots, and hate-mongers? I agree that the best way to do so is via the electoral method, but all the above character flaws are what allows these people to get elected and re-elected.

  11. I’m on your side, Mike. I’d just as soon see the impeachment of Bush start tomorrow.

    But I get the feeling that part of the reason Congress won’t do it is that they’re determined not to do it to two Presidents in a row. It’s an image thing.

  12. Too bad pure hatred is not grounds for impeachment… One actually has to violate law. Bummer huh.

  13. It’s a good thing that there is actual evidence worthy enough of impeachment. I don’t hate the guy. But he did break the law. Why do you support lawbreakers, Mr. Hospitaller?

  14. It just seems like fifty percent of your total output is Bush related, and all of it negative… You should just put up a daily title in 150 size font that reads “I HATE BUSH”… It would save you a lot of time, and you would still be communicating the same message.

    I think you are doing the secular-progressives in this country a huge favor by waging your online Bush smear campaign, and George Soros doesn’t even have to pay you for it… You should really go write for MoveOn.org or TomPaine.com, at least then you could make a dime on the side.

  15. Well, as long as he is in power when he shouldn’t be, of course the focus will be on him. Duh!

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