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December 9, 2007 at 11:15 pm | Posted in American politics | Leave a comment

I thought these four articles all in the Washington Post were worthwhile to read.

The first one is called Meet the ‘Decider’ of Iran. It goes into some good details about the real power in Iran. It is really sad that our media and our political leaders refuse to educate the American public on the real Iran. We keep getting this strawman that doesn’t actually exist. I keep wanting to say and believe that Iran is not our enemy. But I think the phrase needs to be changed. America is Iran’s enemy. We deposed their democratically elected leader back in 1953 because of oil. We installed an oppressive regime that Iranians overthrew in 1979. We supported that ugly regime. They were our puppets. We were complicit in the oppression of Iranians. We were their enemies. Is it any wonder that they would not be happy with us? We don’t want Iran to become a world power because we’re guilty of some of the very things we supposedly fight against, or decry in other nations. How dare Iranians want to be on the same playing field!

This piece called What we didn’t learn from the hunt for Iraq’s phantom arsenal is most illuminating. I like how the writer describes the whole thing as a farce basically. the Bush administration wanted answers but never gave them the proper tools to get the right answers. His conclusions should be taught to all Americans if they want to act properly in this world:

Americans were quick to forget our historical betrayals in Iraq, but our Iraqi victims did not. The few Iraqis we did reach before the 2003 invasion were usually far too wary to risk talking to the CIA. This cumulative failure lay at the heart of our WMD intelligence problems. (Not that outsiders understood that; critics assumed that the CIA should somehow have been able magically to penetrate the innermost circles of the Iraqi police state.)

Our newspapers and TV screens have been filled for months with rumblings about war with Iran. The bombs now seem less likely to start flying, but the problem of penetrating closed regimes and terrorist networks isn’t going anywhere. Let’s just say you were an Iranian nuclear physicist back in 2003, working on a bomb program that you believed was immoral. Now look at the decades-long debacle of U.S. policy in Iraq. Will all those who want to volunteer to spy for the CIA raise their hands? Anyone? Anyone?

This next piece entitled “As a Republican, I’m on the fringe,” is a timely criticism of the field I am in: academia. The problem really is there, as described in the piece: higher education, especially at the elite locales and departments, has a strong anti-Republican, anti-conservative belief, and it is harmful to the education process that these elite educators espouse. How can you learn something if you suppress opposing viewpoints? As much as I think today’s conservatives have lost their way, the only way they will learn that, and the only way that liberals can ensure they don’t also get lost from reality based reasoning, is by the constant opposition in all things. Fear not your opposite. If you do, you’re only showing your insecurity in the principles you believe in.

Finally, White may be might, but it’s not always right looks philosophically at whites and blacks. Another good critique of those who think they have it all.

Anyways, some good reads.

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