A Terrorist Escaped! Quick! Enact Martial Law!

December 16, 2007 at 9:16 pm | Posted in Musharraf, Pakistan | 11 Comments

A dastardly terrorist got away in Pakistan. A day after Musharraf ended martial law, no less.

The disappearance of a terrorism suspect wanted in Britain is an embarrassment to the government of Pakistan a day after President Pervez Musharraf ended six weeks of de facto martial law, announcing that security forces had broken the back of militants fighting in the northwest and that stability was returning.

There are many ways that the government of Pakistan is an embarrassment. This is but a piece of hay in the haystack.


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  1. So what gives you the right, authority, or anything else to say that the government of Pakistan is an embarrassment? You are embarrassing the very institution of politics and also journalism by making a claim so large, yet not putting it into any form of context.

  2. destogate,

    I’m sorry, I thought my readers were keeping up on the numerous posts I have written on Pakistan, highlighting the embarrassing Mr. Musharraf. Sorry, Destogate, but he is an embarrassment to Pakistan.

  3. Well Daniel, I do not fully agree with you on this one. I must admit that the happenings following the “emergency” can not be fully justified. But I see plenty of things Musharraf did right. It is now in vouge to bash Musharraf. It is politically correct. The reality on the ground in Pakistan is somewhat different. Our kind of democracy can not manifest itself in each and every nation on the planet.

    How can you axpect the majority of illetarte pakistanis to wote for the right person? How many of them can/do read the manifestos?

    Nawaz Sharif and Bhutto were democratically elected. The worst curropt of the lot they were.

    Just look at what is happening in pakistan again. The pakistani people are falling into the dramatics of these two horrible “leaders”. Is not that proofe enough of the fact that the country isn’t ready for a democracy?

    There are no leaders in Pakistan. The only true leader I can see is Musharraf. The lesser of two evils!!

  4. That does not answer my question, Daniel. You need to be in Pakistan, of that culture, or at least have some understanding of context to make those claims. You just showed that all you’re doing with your posts is making pseudo-intellectual ramblings. You not only failed to answer my questions, you claimed everything without proof. So much for journalism. By the way, I think I’ll just claim right now, since we’re obviously not goign to get along that America is an embarrassment to media, politics and journalism. And while we’re at it, you’re an embarrassment to an embarrassment. How do you feel now? Don’t answer that. I don’t care.

  5. destogate and shazia,

    clearly Musharraf won. Good luck to you guys in Pakistan. Hope you like him for a long time to come.

  6. Thank you. On behalf of the Pakistanis, I sincerely hope and pray that you understand more thoroughly our circumstances and try to understand that we come from different cultures and histories, and that some of our ideas may be alien to the west. On a personal note, where I have blended thoroughly with the western civilization and lifestyle, I have to say that the west has not done the same. But thank you anyway.

  7. destogate,

    I am more knowledgeable about Pakistan than most Americans. My criticisms of Musharraf come from a different perspective than yours. From my vantage point, his martial law decree had nothing to do with the threat from Al-Qaeda, but everything to do with the impending Supreme Court ruling that was going to go against him. So he declared martial law, removed the judges who would have ruled against him, and installed his own judges. Under intense pressure from Bush, he resigned the military and removed the martial law decree. However, the damage was done. From my vantage point, if Musharraf wins the upcoming election, it was not through fair means.

  8. Daniel,

    I never said you were not knowledgeable. Well, maybe I implied it. Also, you state nothing new about Musharraf and the martial law. Everything you say has been said and is recycled information. I have to say that just because the CJ and other judges are for “justice,” does not say that they are perfect, unbiased, mechanical creatures (almost like AI). There are obviously biases. I agree like Shazia that martial law is something that we did not want but something that was undeniably imminent.

    It’s funny how, following Geo TV in Pakistan, the western media too fail to state the positive side of Pakistan and Musharraf. As individuals, and group entitites, the media overattribute the country and the presidency to all the things that it could not avert. I do not say “mistakes” because there is no such thing when it comes to human beings. There is a problem defining the term, since it has a range of meanings.

    My point is, from what you state, your knowledge is similar to my knowledge, but is this knowledge fed to us as the “logical” thing or is there an underlying reason to this propaganda?

  9. destogate,

    I’m aware that Pakistan’s economy and society has improved under Musharraf’s rule. And maybe that is what Pakistan needs. If that’s the case, then so be it.

  10. Thank you for the conversation, Daniel. Stay safe.

  11. Hey Shazia, just peeked at your blog, are you a Pakistani-Norwegian? If so, cool, I’m not alone! When I was a kid we were like the only ones around, but last time I was back in Norway (like over a decade ago) it seemed I finally had ethnic company 🙂

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