Benazir Bhuttto Was Shot to Death

December 31, 2007 at 9:45 am | Posted in Pakistan | 3 Comments

There’s a video:

and written evidence

(courtesy of New York Times – Max Becherer/Polaris, for The New York Times)


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  1. I don’t get what difference it makes. It seems the Government is conceding that a gun was fired. If she was wounded dodging the bullets or was wounded by the bullets… either way there was a gun present. Also, it is ridiculous that an autopsy was not performed. All US murder victims get an autopsy no matter what anyone wishes.

  2. theradicalmormon,

    The importance of this is that the government is trying to create a certain script of the events that is not accurate. The reason being is that they failed to provide the proper protection for the future prime minister.

  3. Worth reading Tareq Ali’s take on events:

    Bhutto-Sharif-Bhutto-Sharif….Musharraf…Bhutto-Sharif-Bhutto-Sharif-Bhutto-Sharif…is that all Pakistan ever was going to get? Then again, who are we to talk? Bush-Clinton-Bush-Clinton-Bush-Clinton…

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