Fox News Sucks!

January 7, 2008 at 11:33 pm | Posted in Foxnews | 29 Comments

Beautiful music to the ears

and more confrontations.

Heavenly, I tell you. So nice to see conservatives take on their own creation.


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  1. When it comes to hard news, I generally avoid Fox–both TV and internet. ABC has the best news on the internet, in my opinion. I also prefer wacthing ABC for national news. I really like Charles Gibson.

    I do enjoy watching Hannity & Colmes and The O’Reilly Factor on Fox. Good shows.

  2. Brian,

    Do you really find Hannity enjoyable? I’m honestly trying to figure out why he is liked by, well, anybody.

    And to add, see our good friends at the “fair and balanced” network editing out the name Ron Paul from a report. Heh.

  3. Apparently, the claim is that Fox ran with an earlier version of the story that didn’t include Ron Paul’s name. A later version did include it. Following the comments at your link seems to clear everything up.

    Of course, this doesn’t mean that Faux News Corp isn’t a truly evil organization.

  4. Dan, are you letting your ideolgical differences drive your ability to like people?

  5. Mark,

    Ah, I didn’t follow the story in the comments. Thanks for the clarification. One wonders why Fox News removed the name in the first place…


    In this case I’m talking about liking watching his show. I’m sure he’s the bestest of pals in real life.

  6. Dan, Sean routinely gives away gift certificates to Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse to his radio audience, which does make him a real likeable feller. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ll ask him to send one to you.

  7. Hmmm, there’s one right in Manhattan…tempting. Do I have to say he’s a likable feller in order to get the tickets? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. Truth be told, Dan, Sean has made marked improvements in his ability to be civil with those whom he disagrees. I used to turn the radio off when he talked to liberal callers (not because I dislike liberals, but because Sean was rude to the callers).

    I don’t care what your viewpoint is, I always try to be respectul of others and expect the same from people on the radio.

  9. I’m with you on the respect point. Sean Hannity, however, is, in my tainted, biased eyes, such a political hack and fraud that I could never consider listening to a single word he has to say.

  10. Heh, more good stuff from Fox News. They reported that Paul Begala was joining up with Clinton’s campaign. Only problem is that Begala wasn’t actually joining the Clinton campaign.

  11. Dan, I’d like to know what specific information you have that makes Sean Hannity a fraud and a hack. Just curious. If I were making accusations against Randi Rhodes, or another liberal talk host, I would imagine you would want to know specifics.

  12. Brian,

    I made my decision that Sean Hannity was a political hack back in 2002 during the build up to the war in Iraq. I could not point you to any specifics from back then. Since then, I have not considered a word he has said. I’m sure I could do a google search for recent stuff, but it isn’t today’s stuff that turned me off to him, but his stance on the war in Iraq in 2002. He was awful.

  13. Ok, so you don’t have anything to prove that he is a fraud. Just curious.

  14. Brian,

    You really want me to dig up a whole lot of gems don’t you.


    Let’s begin with Deliver Us From Evil: Defeating Terrorism, Despotism, and Liberalism.

    How does that show that he is a fraud? Because he claims liberalism is on par with terrorism and despotism and evil. That’s all just hyperbolic mumbojumbo. It is the work of a partisan hack, not a real researcher.

    Now, let’s move on to some juicy quotes.

    Note how many times he asks his guests if they hate America.

    Finally, two DailyKos diarists have some very juicy quotes from various conservatives, including Sean Hannity, who said these things in 1999 about Kosovo.

    He is a partisan hack, Brian, and he has been wrong time and time again. Why should I put any weight into his words now? Especially since he is a major supporter of the indomitably horrible Giuliani.

  15. Dan, I don’t and did not disagree that Sean Hannity is partisan. You are as partisan for the Democrats as Hannity is for the Republicans. But thanks for the quotes.

    Btw- you still have not shown or proven Sean Hannity to be a fraud.

  16. The video link no longer works.

  17. deseret,

    I didn’t figure I would convince you. I’m not pursuing this any further.

  18. Daniel wrote: “How does that show that he is a fraud? Because he claims liberalism is on par with terrorism and despotism and evil. Thatโ€™s all just hyperbolic mumbojumbo. It is the work of a partisan hack, not a real researcher.”

    Hannity could be right, too.

    Liberals generally favor big government. Hitler, Stalin, and Mussolini favored big government and subordination to the state. Liberals are socialists; that’s a given. Hitler and Mussolini were socialists, not to mention Stalin.

    Liberals are not liberal. If they were, you would not see them so often waging personal, ad hominem attacks on their opponents rather than debating the subject.

    A liberal, one would presume from the name, would be tolerant of many opinions. Not so, the American liberal. They recognize one way: their way. Everyone else is evil. Kind of like the war of words Hitler, Mussolini, and Stalin waged on their opponents before they gained enough power to simmply shoot them.

    It doesn’t take a whole lot of research to notice those very outstanding similarities.

  19. Charlie,

    Both liberals and Hitler also liked organic food. Organic food must be of the devil then. What a dope.

  20. You are in error, Daniel. Hitler was a vegetarian. He quit eating meat after the death of Angela (Geli) Maria Raubal.

    It is doubtful that Hitler even knew, of much less understood or liked, organic foods. In fact, the term organic as applied to foods had not been coined prior to his death in 1945.

    This is another of your anachronisms.

    So if we are discussing being a dope, it’s worth noting that you just made a really dopey mistake. Anachronisms are so amateur, Dude.

    Thanks for the laughs and the gratifying ad hominem attack, but I believe I’ll leave this blog to you dopes after this.

  21. I thought you were leaving.

  22. Iโ€™m sick of Ron Paul supporters who think he’s the second coming of Christ. He’s just another Goddamn politician. Besides Fox News Rocks.

  23. I just have one thing to say here. Sean Hannity Sux. People call him a great American win in fact he hates Americans.If you listen to him real close you will infact hear that he dictates.He dictates hatred for all americans that do not agree with his beliefs.Now that is what I call a pure dictator.

  24. This battle over fox news is pointless. If you hate the network just stop watching it. If you are liberal just go hang with keith on Countdown on MSBC or Rachel on her new show. I see no difference between MSNBC and FoX. MSNBC is the liberal version of FOX. Sean and Bill and Beck are just conserative versions of Rachel,keith, and charlie gibson. In fact Air amercia and NPR are like liberal versions of Rush. Both sides have networks that cater to them . Somebody is watching FOX because msnbc has low ratings.

  25. I don’t watch Fox News. I just like to see them get a spanking.

  26. I agree Fox News Sucks big time!!

  27. Bill O’Reilly sucks too…

  28. Just because you say you’re fair and balanced doesn’t make it so. Where were BillO and those Cannity and that other guy last night?

  29. Has Fox announced the Winner of the Presiedental Election yet? Its 12:15 am, 5 November 2008

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