Mitt Romney Quits The Race For the White House

February 7, 2008 at 1:31 pm | Posted in McCain, Mike Huckabee, Mit Romney, Mitt Romney | 5 Comments

Mitt Romney is stepping aside now from the race to the White House. The fact that he couldn’t win California, I think finally made it clear he could not be the nominee. Let’s see who he endorses. I can only hope he endorses Barack Obama, but that will be highly unlikely, seeing that he’s shifted to the right of McCain.

So what are conservative Christians going to do? Will they keep voting for Huckabee in the hopes that McCain takes him on as his VP?


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  1. The really lame thing about all of this is that he said he did it because he loves America and that he is afraid that the Democrats will not pursue the war in Iraq. I say that is lame, because it shows how rabidly bloodthirsty a member of my own faith can become. Sad.

  2. Go Barack! 🙂

    I’m wondering if it was a sneaky move on Romney’s part… to solidify the party behind huckabee enough that HE could possibly be competition for McCain, instead of dividing the competition between himself and huckabee and therefore giving McCain the obvious advantage. I hope so. While I agree with what McCain has stated in the past, I’m dissapointed with his party line-toeing, and I don’t like his personality much.

  3. Guys, the best man in the white house for you is Dr. Ron Paul, who is the biggest advocate of freedom, the constitution, and the end of the war in the capital right now. His campaign manager is even a Mormon.

  4. Cory,

    Sorry man, but Mr. Paul is not the best candidate for the White House.

  5. It’s touching that you think Mittens might endorse Obama, but I think he’ll eventually endorse McCain–after the hard right has given up on Huck. Mitt wants to position himself for 2012, when he will trot out the same old market-tested conservatism. This is a man who really wants to be president, and he seems to have decided that pretending to be Regan is the way to do it. Remember, he’s “suspending” his campagin. He can’t actually quit, because he is the bad AP who just knows that if you work harder, your numbers will go up. A well-timed endorsement of the 08 nominee followed by a few years of talking to the right conservative groups and sympathetic evangelicals and Mitt will be ready to bring us the Romneytron 2.0. Most LDS people will once again think giddy thoughts about how great it will be to have a Mormon in the White House, and the few of us on the left will cringe and wait for the evangelical rank and file to once more put a stop to the Mittster.

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