John McCain and Pastor Hagee

May 22, 2008 at 2:42 pm | Posted in American politics | 3 Comments

Yep, he indeed said that. What do you guys think? Did the Nazis do the work of the Lord on the Jews?


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  1. Looks like that was the last straw. McCain rejects Hagee’s endorsement.

    Interestingly, McCain didn’t reject Hagee’s endorsement when Hagee was caught saying bad stuff about Catholics. It was when he said bad stuff about Jews. Keep that in mind Catholics when you decide to who vote for this November.

  2. This is a temporary thing though. If McCain is voted into office, Hagee will be a loud voice in McCain’s ears as he heads up the small but influential “Christians United For Israel” who love to link arms with AIPAC etc to get pro-Zionist agenda pushed through the US congress. Hagee is loved by the right side of the Israeli government as well. He is not out of the picture by any means. It is good though that McCain was forced to disown him for the time being.

  3. With all due respect though, Hagee is such a meaningless cog here. No one needs to “push” any right-wing Zionist legislation through Congress, it is 100% automatic. Unless the Israelis do something that annoys the Pentagon or goes a bit too far (in which case it will take a few months of backroom dealing between US and Israeli politicians and then it’ll still happen), this stuff takes no effort whatsoever. Ship Hagee to Guantanamo-on-the-moon, it won’t make a lick of difference to that basic dynamic. This is one of the most classic cases of interest-lobby politics having achieved near 100% perfect success by that lobby (call Conagra and ADM another one, though frankly given the current food price crisis they’re probably more vulnerable – amazing that Israel can cause the entire Middle East to burn killing tens of thousands and their support in Congress only increases!).

    It would be nice to try and claim that well at least getting Hagee put down the drainpipe is a little victory in the right direction. I actually quite disagree. It’s a tempest in a teapot that does nothing to address the bigger problem, if anything it’s just a distraction. The bigger issues are (1) our system of interest-lobby politics, and (2) the ability of a right wing Israeli agenda to dominate its issue so completely in Washington even when it is blatantly harmful to US and basic human interests (and one can argue as the new J Street center left Israeli lobbyists are doing that it is even harmful to Israel).

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