Robert Novak Gets In The Fray

June 2, 2008 at 5:00 am | Posted in American politics | 4 Comments

It was inevitable. He is a major player in the system. He is part of the media. He is the man who wrote down Valerie Plame’s name for the world to see. Technically he broke the law (though generally he is not the one to punish, but rather the official who gave the info to him). You bet he was inevitably going to smear and attack Scotty McClellan. And what is his angle? Heh, Scotty sounds like a Democrat! Heh. As Stephen Colbert said, “truth has a liberal bias.

Clearly Mr. Novak is not a happy man. Going down with the ship.


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  1. Technically, no law was broken by revealing Plame’s name. All the convictions were for purgery. As you remember the original revealer I think was Armistead (his own admission) who was never even charged, let alone convicted.

  2. Actually Rich, laws were broken, but Republican operatives don’t want to press for their own to be punished.

  3. Actually, the prosecutor was far from an operative. And if you think revealing of a single name deserved prosecution I can only think what should have been done to the Clinton administration for misuse of FBI files, political prosecution in the travel office, hiding of evidence regarding the Rose law firm billing records, and any number of other slimy or illegal practices. One of the administrations main operatives had to go out and kill himself, he was so depressed by the escapades of the Clinton administration . That is not even counting the recent wrist slap on Sandy Berger for stealing papers from the National Archives and stuffing them into his pants and hiding them under a trailer. The Bush administration may be incompetent but they don’t come near the quality of gamesmanship that took place in the Clinton administration.

  4. Rich, are you unhappy about the lack of prosecutions for wrongdoing only when it doesn’t happen to a Democrat, or would you prefer equal justice for both?

    I’m not quite sure what your point is.

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