Let Impeachment Proceedings Begin

June 5, 2008 at 11:58 am | Posted in American politics | 9 Comments

We now have the evidence that Bush purposefully lied about the intelligence on Iraq in order to sell the war to the American public. How much more evidence is required to impeach the man and his vice president? Time for them to go.


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  1. There might be reason to impeach but I can’t see this doing anything other than further dividing the people of this country.

    I’m not sure that alienating one whole political party would accomplish something.

  2. So what would we be dividing? Those who believe in truth, decency towards their fellow man, and the rule of law from those that believe the President is above the law and entitled to murder and steal as he pleases?

    It seems to me we are currently paying the price for NOT impeaching Richard Nixon, who claimed that:

    “If the President does it, it is not illegal”. Is that the kind of country we want?

    What are the alternatives for getting us to a political system where no one is above the law?

    Are you proposing some sort of Nuremberg type
    war crimes tribunal until after the November election?

    Or does integrity and accountability no longer matter?

  3. Atrios says it best:

    Bush wants to get the Iraqi parliament to give him permission to attack Iran so he doesn’t have to get permission from Congress.

    Should’ve impeached him when you had time.


  4. Jared,

    I’m with Erich. We’re talking about the laws we supposedly believe in. If we really do care about them, then we cannot let someone like Bush get away with it, “it” being breaking the law and making mincemeat of the values we believe in.

  5. At least Nixon had the smarts to know when it was time to walk away. I’m reasonably certain that Bush would only leave when physically dragged out the door, kicking and screaming the whole way.

  6. Impeach Nancy Pelosi while we’re at it for taking impeachment off the table! Shame on Pelosi!

  7. Do you really think that you will be able to find enough republicans to break ranks from the party and convict?

    Instead of putting on a dog and pony show for the media suggesting that something will actually get done, and besides wasting huge amounts of time on something that quite simply will not happen, how about we spend time fixing the economy or better yet finding a solution to the whole Iraq situation.

  8. Jared,

    I honestly don’t care if there aren’t enough Republicans to break ranks. They abrogated their Constitutional responsibility to keep the Executive branch in check long ago.

    If we are a nation that believes in the rule of law, then lawbreakers must be punished, else we make a mockery of the law we supposedly believe in. We undermine law if we let Bush and Cheney and the rest of their ilk get away with this, Jared.

    Furthermore, we make it easier for future presidents to push the boundary even further into dictatorship!

  9. Jared,
    If we can’t put our President on trial for the horrific crimes he is responsible for, we are indeed a Banana Republic. The law is the law. If you lie and get people killed, you should suffer the consequences. If not enough republicans sign on, they should be exposed for the support they give to these high crimes. However, I think that quite a few Republicans have already voiced their support by sending Kucinich’s articles of impeachment to the committee where it will supposedly die. The margin was somewhere around 250-160. That’s a lot of Republicans on board. Impeach Bush, Cheney and the enabler Pelosi now!

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