Corrupt, Cowardly Democratic Congressional Leadership!

June 19, 2008 at 11:59 am | Posted in American politics | 5 Comments

Cowards, the whole lot of them. Ms. Pelosi is a coward. Mr. Reid is a coward. Shame on you two! Shame on you! Ms. Pelosi and Mr. Reid are going to allow the passage of a law giving retroactive immunity to telecom companies for spying on Americans from 2001-2007. BOOO!!! Shame on you! Cowards. Stinkin’ stupid cowards!

Or as Laura Rozen puts it:

Reports of the newest FISA compromise indicate that, on telecom immunity, a federal court would be compelled to grant the telecoms immunity if there was substantial evidence that the Bush administration assured them that the warrantless surveillance program was legal. Doesn’t that actually endorse and extend to private actors the Nixonian view that if the president says it’s legal, it’s legal, regardless of what the law says and the Constitution says? Wouldn’t that set an awful precedent that an administration could get private actors to do whatever they wanted including breaking the law?



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  1. It would be one thing if Congress were to attempt to hold the Bush administration responsible for the lies told to the telecom companies regarding the illegality of the wiretaps, but they won’t do that either. Nobody wants to hold anybody responsible for anything. “Mistakes were made, time to let go and just move on.” And they all know darn well that the voters won’t hold them responsible for taking this attitude, either.

    I’m starting to see the value of the occasional bloodletting rebellion or revolution. Things eventually get to a point where those in power refuse to take anything seriously until their very lives are threatened. Until there are serious consequences for flouting the will of the people, nothing will change. The Obama campaign is supposed to be all about change, but in the end run, nothing will.

  2. Mark,

    I’m all for a good revolution every now and then. We certainly might need one here. But I doubt we will see one. I do believe that this government now has a life of its own and is doing all it can to protect itself from dangers from within and without. Main Core is real. I think that many who could possibly lead this kind of revolution would be “disappeared” long before they had the capability to effect just such a change.

    We human beings should not have this amount of power. We clearly cannot contain ourselves.

  3. They just passed it. Watch out, they’re on a roll and may next pass HR362 and SR580, demanding a naval blockade on Iran which is an act of war. Could be voted on as early as next week.

  4. Ha!! And now the hawk Obama has lent his support to warantless eavesdropping! Scumbag.

  5. Have the Demos been the minority party so long that they’ve forgotten the whole point of being the majority party?

    Why did they do it? Money? See

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