Michael Gordon Begins to Set The Stage Against Iran

July 13, 2008 at 5:43 am | Posted in American politics | 1 Comment

In a story about one dissident, an Iranian disaffected with the Iranian regime, who fled to Iraq and then to the United States, Mr. Gordon adds to the emotional groundwork against Iran.

While some details of Mr. Batebi’s biography, his treatment in Iran and his escape could not be independently confirmed, he provided a video he took during his journey, and independent advocates vouched for much of his account.

He knows he has arrived during a time of tension between Iran and the United States, and he said he did not want his story to heighten the conflict.

Mr. Batebi doesn’t understand, of course, that talking with Mr. Gordon inevitably does exactly the opposite. Mr. Gordon is the propaganda mouthpiece for the Bush administration and, more importantly, the Pentagon. He is the ultimate enabler, relying solely on individuals who dare not use their names. Mr. Gordon also does not challenge what these secret sources actually say. Towards the end of the article, Mr. Gordon writes:

But he warned that now, as Mr. Batebi joins an exile community whose rivalries are legendary, many factions would seek to recruit him.

Sadly, Mr. Batebi has been recruited by the worst of them all, the warmongering Bush administration. Thankfully, Mr. Batebi at least has some good senses:

Mr. Batebi speaks of working from afar for peaceful change in Iran. He recoils when asked about the possibility of American military action against Iran, saying that if the United States attacked, “I might go back and fight for my country myself.”

Mr. Gordon should take this into serious advisement as he writes stories to get Americans’ blood boiling to unreasonable levels to war against Iran, to kill Iranians. Remember, Mr. Gordon, you might just be advocating killing Mr. Batebi.


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