John McCain on What To Do With A Successful Surge

July 25, 2008 at 9:24 pm | Posted in American politics | Leave a comment

Michael Cohen at Democracy Arsenal gives the quotes:

John McCain, July 25th 2008, Columbus Dispatch:

Anyone, any rational observer who observes Iraq knows that the surge has succeeded.


John McCain, July 25th 2008, Columbus Dispatch::

I always said that we would be withdrawing when the surge succeeded, and that’s basically what Maliki has said as well. Certainly the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and General Petraeus are highly regarded by the American people. They say that Sen. Obama’s dates for withdrawal would be very dangerous and we could lose everything that we’ve won.

So the surge succeeded already but we will be withdrawing when the surge succeeded…huh. That means that US troops should begin leaving NOW! After all, as Mr. McCain says, ‘the surge has succeeded.’

Michael Cohen writes:

Could it be that while the surge has improved the security situation it hasn’t led to sustainable political and security improvements, which is of course precisely Obama’s argument? Now it is a more than defensible argument to say that we should stay in Iraq to ensure that the recent security gains translate into tangible political gains (and of course Obama takes the opposite position, which is that Iraqi leaders won’t carry out comprehensive political reforms until American troops begin to leave).

But that’s not McCain’s argument; he is saying that Obama can’t be trusted — and is playing politics — because he refuses to acknowledge the success of the surge. But which one is it Senator; if the surge has succeeded why aren’t we leaving Iraq?

A most excellent question.

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