John McCain Doesn’t Have Anything Positive To Say About Himself

July 31, 2008 at 10:31 am | Posted in American politics | 7 Comments

Barack Obama on John McCain and McCain’s new, constant, negative attack ads:

I don’t pay attention to John McCain’s ads, although I do notice that he doesn’t seem to have anything very positive to say about himself, does he?


John McCain is trying to make the 2008 election a referendum on Barack Obama. But it is also a referendum on John McCain. Which leader would you support? One who spends most of his time in constant negative attacks who rarely speaks of what he stands for? Or one who is trying to change things for the better? That’s what the 2008 election is about.


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  1. It wouldn’t be New Year’s if I didn’t have regrets.WilliamThomasWilliam Thomas

  2. Actually, the 2008 election is about which candidate can represent the empire the best. They are both imperial subjects, completely beholden to the interests of the empire. Which ever is prettier in the public/media’s eye is going to be the one to win. Candidates with substance (i.e. many of the 3rd party candidates) need not apply.

  3. GD, hasn’t it occurred to you that John McCain doesn’t have to say anything positive about himself? Because his record as a genuine war hero and independent, reform-minded Republican speaks for itself?

    Obama, on the other hand, is, as Richard Cohen puts it, a nice package containing unknown substance. So Obama really does have to plug himself – there isn’t anything else for him to do.

  4. McCain is a war survivor. Does that make him a war hero?

    What heroic thing, outside of surviving a concentration camp, did he do there?

    As for his desire for reform, what will he do that’s anything different from what George Bush would do if he were given a third term?

    If we’re ever going to clean out the stables from the mess the Republicans made in there, you can’t put another Republican administration in there and expect them to do anything that will shine a light on what the Bush administration has done for the last 8 years that we don’t know all the details of yet.

    If a coverup is what you think will be good for the country, then vote for McCain.

  5. Solomon,

    Actually John McCain does need to say positive things about himself. But that’s not McCain’s strategy, because he would lose badly. See, McCain’s only possible strategy for making this close is to drag his opponent down in the gutter. Dirty him up. Take his good name down and roll it with the dirty pigs. That’s all McCain’s got. He better find something good to say about himself if he wishes to preserve his, to this point, good name. But he lost that, at least in my book, when he went McNasty. Now he is no different than all the other nasty, ugly Republican politicians who would rather tear their opponent down than raise themselves up.

  6. Mark, Daniel, your responses are very interesting. Clearly the public doesn’t know as much about John McCain and his record as the McCain campaign assumes it does. I presume that when and if these issues are answered to your satisfaction the two of you will switch your allegiance accordingly?

  7. Solomon,

    As a student of politics, I am quite well aware of John McCain’s record. If you’ve noticed some of my other posts, I’ve mentioned a few things. Like for example, his demand that we withdraw immediately from Somalia, for example. Curious, no?

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