Could McCain Have Orchestrated With Saakashvili?

August 14, 2008 at 9:10 pm | Posted in American politics | 1 Comment

I just have to raise this question because this whole mess is just so fishy. John McCain is getting quite ahead of himself, dispatching his Senators (Lieberman and Graham) as if he were in charge. Very presumptuous. He even stated:

Asked about his tough rhetoric on the ongoing conflict in Georgia, McCain began: “If I may be so bold, there was another president . . .”

He caught himself and started again: “At one time, there was a president named Ronald Reagan who spoke very strongly about America’s advocacy for democracy and freedom.”

Freudian slip, Senator? You ain’t president yet.

There are a few unwritten rules in politics. One of them is that there is no such thing as luck. Very little is actually surprising. The real surprise is only to the spectators in the audience. John McCain didn’t have such close ties with Georgian leaders by accident. His top foreign policy adviser is Georgian, was paid to lobby Congress FOR Georgia! McCain talks with Saakashvili on a daily basis. Furthermore, McCain is now dominating the headlines and cable news shows. The talk is that this war is making him look “presidential”—when they really should say “presumptuous.”

The timing of this conflict just stinks of politics. Could McCain have orchestrated with Saakashvili to have Saakashvili try and take South Ossetia by force now, in August? What better way for McCain to dominate the news at home with the topic he is most comfortable with (rather than the tedious nuance of domestic politics)—international war, particularly with an old foe—Russia. What better way to put on the “show” that he is the best man to lead America?

McCain says that under his rule, America will have a dramatically different relationship with Russia. Does it not make sense then to get the ball rolling early? to get the belligerence and aggression started early? After all, he has only four years to defeat Russia.

I think this was orchestrated. McCain is a Republican, in the same vein as Dick Cheney (who offered such advice as painting American planes with the UN colors, flying them over Iraq and having Iraqis shoot them down, thus creating the justification for war; or get some Americans in Iranian Revolutionary Guard uniform, put them on a PT boat and have an American battleship kill them in order to start a shooting war with Iran). I think that McCain is that desperate to gain power. He has sold his principles and is no longer an honorable man. Why should he care anymore?


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  1. You’re nuts.

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