Let it Be Joe Biden

August 22, 2008 at 9:21 pm | Posted in American politics | 5 Comments

because of things like this



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  1. If he didn’t specifically mention Rudy, one might think he was talking about Obama, the antithesis of experience.

  2. oh please, Brian.

    While Biden did question Obama’s experience during the primaries, there is absolutely no comparison between Obama and Giuliani. Obama is far more substantive than Giuliani. Tell me, do you think Obama is running on more than what he represents? He’s not claiming massive experience, is he? Not at all. That’s not what he is running on, because his experience is fairly small. He is running on the issues that matter to most voters, and he will win.

  3. And wasn’t it Joe Biden who said the presidency was not place for on-the-job training when discussing Obama’s lack of experience?

    So how is it that you cite Obama running on issues that matter and say that experience doesn’t matter, but mock Giuliani for the same thing? Sure, Rudy overplayed 9/11, but he was running on issues that matter to voters. With Rudy’s liberal stance on most issues, I’m surprised that Dems would pick him apart like they did.

  4. Rudy running on issues mattering to voters? 9/11? I get the impression that aside from rebuilding the World Trade Center, most voters would rather move on from that tragedy.

    As to why Dems would pick him apart even though he has liberal domestic stances, it should go to show you how much Dems want a change on foreign policy, how stupid they think it is to continue (or make worse) what Bush has done. In 2008, it doesn’t matter as much what domestic policies you believe in (just look at Lieberman). Will you get us out of Iraq? Will you bring back a more sound foreign policy? That’s what Dems want. Republicans are in no way shape or form giving them that choice.

  5. Unfortunately Biden has ruled himself out of my book of cool people by calling himself a zionist.

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