Mormons, the Obamas, and Family Values

August 26, 2008 at 1:03 pm | Posted in American politics | 3 Comments

The scourge of Mormon ties to the Republican party are starting to wear off. One of the most pernicious, vile attacks by Republicans on Democrats is that Democrats don’t stand for family values. This, of course is not true. While there are a number of those on the left who don’t have the same family values as those on the right, statistics have shown that states that lean left do far better than states that lean right when it comes to several important characteristics of strong families—education, divorce rates, health care, etc.

In any case, I want those few who read my blog to watch this video from Monday night’s opening speech by Mrs. Obama. The video is right after her speech when her kids come on stage and they talk with their father, Barack Obama.

This is a great example of family values. This is a good family. This is the kind of family that we should exemplify. This kind of family will bring out the best in our country.

Mormons should consider well who they vote for in November. John McCain cheated on his first wife and left her for a young, blonde heiress. Is that the kind of example we want for our country? I’m glad Democrats did not choose Hillary (though she, herself, has been faithful, her husband has not and would have continued to bring distracting attention).

The Obamas are a fine family and worthy of the charge of the White House. We seek after good people. In this election, there is no finer family than Barack Obama’s.

PS: I should add that the following commentary (on Fox News no less!) was excellent:

Right on.


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  1. I’ll have to watch the videos when I get home; my employer blocks YouTube.

    Barack is blessed with a wonderful family. I’m not sure that a stage show at a convention is cause to call for everyone to exemplify the Obama family, though.

    His wife’s speech was great.

    I’m glad the Democrats are finally stressing family values. A nice departure from the Clinton years when it argued that Clinton’s behavior was private and that he only lied about sex to protect his family. Thanks to Clinton, millions of children got to learn about oral sex and that yes, it really is a form of sexual relations.

  2. Brian,

    You’re right. It is a mere snapshot, but as Juan Williams said, it truly is wonderful to see such an example of a black family as strong as the Obamas are. Couple that with his criticism of black men skipping out on their responsibility as fathers/husbands…

    The Clinton years were definitely bad, as you say, but it didn’t mean that Democrats didn’t adhere to family values as a whole. Like I said, Democratic leaning states have consistently been ahead on key family value strengths over Republican leaning states.

  3. Dan, I applaud the Obama family for their strong values. It is refreshing to see that in a politician. I hope it holds true throughout Barack’s political career.

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