Media Bias

August 29, 2008 at 6:12 am | Posted in American politics | 4 Comments

Just this morning, I’m watching the Today Show, and Matt Lauer, in bringing up an analysis of Barack Obama’s speech, who does he go to for an analysis of Obama’s speech? Peggy Noonan. Yes, a conservative. Note that he doesn’t call a liberal. Peggy Noonan. Her record has a, to put it kindly, very spotty record at unbiased analysis in politics. For example.

So will anyone wager if Matt Lauer will call on a liberal commentator to discuss McCain’s acceptance speech next weeK?


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  1. Dan, conservatives are capable of providing an unbiased analysis of Obama’s speech. In fact, if you watched the coverage on Fox News last night, you would have seen several conservative commentators giving Obama high marks for his speech last night.

    Obama is an amazing orator and gave a great acceptance speech last night.

    One of the things I have always liked about Obama is his oratory skills. If the election were based solely on ability and style, Obama would win hands down.

    In contrast, when you see McCain speak, you get a lot of substance, without any style.

    Props to Obama for delivering Democrat unity last night. He is definitely someone who can unite the party for the November election.

  2. Brian,

    As evidenced over these past eight years, no, generally speaking, they cannot. Particularly one like Peggy Noonan. Read over the article I linked to. Tell me if she will give you an unbiased professional analysis of a Democratic nominee. The answer is NO!

  3. The article has nothing to do with her analysis of Obama’s speech. Apples and oranges, Dan.

    Yes, Noonan is a partisan Republican, but, so what?

    Are you arguing that Democrats can deliver unbiased analysis and Republicans cannot?

  4. No, Democrats are just as partisan. What I am arguing is that it is not reflective of reality for a news organization to only show the conservative viewpoint about a speech, particularly a speech done by a Democrat.

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