My Top Ten Most Viewed Posts

August 29, 2008 at 8:21 pm | Posted in American politics | Leave a comment

The following are the ten most viewed posts on my blog. It’s funny, because all you have to do is make sure you get the right key words and Google does the rest for you. 🙂

10. Who I Am

Wow, I certainly didn’t expect this page to be in the top ten, but a lot of people apparently want to know who I am. 🙂

9. 65th Anniversary of the Attack on Pearl Harbor

Just a note about the 65th anniversary with some pictures (apparently one of the pictures is no longer available—I ought to fix that some day).

8. Fighting Against Illegal Immigrants Hurting Regular Citizens

This one caused quite a stir, as you can see from the comments. Clearly a raw issue.

7. Senator Larry Craig Is NOT A Mormon

He’s not. Really.

6. Budget Surpluses and Deficits in Graph

of course the graph no longer functions. Guess I gotta fix that too…

5. The Real Reason Gas Prices Are So High

It is because oil companies control oil refineries and they have had no incentive to do anything about their crappy refineries over the past thirty years. What incentive do they have to make better refineries?

4. Cho Seung Hui: “You caused me to do this.”

A tragic time for our nation when a troubled young man took guns into his college classrooms and started killing his classmates.

3. The American Civil War Was Fought Over Slavery

I wrote this over two years ago, and it has been a slow burner. Lots of students are searching Google for info on the American Civil War…

2. Barack Obama’s Speech on Iraq in 2002

Ah, the speech that started it all. Viewed many, many times. But not as much as the number one most viewed post.

1. The American Civil War, Fought Over Slavery, Begun by South Carolina

With the constant viewing of the previous post, I decided to do a test in March 2007. I wrote a whole new post making essentially the same argument, but with more research, and see what would happen. This post has consistently been the most viewed post each and every day and has by far the most views overall. I’m glad that I could help students out in their research, but I honestly recommend that they search in research databases at their school’s library if they want more credible research on the Civil War. Their results would be far more meaty than anything they can find on the free Internet.

Honorable Mention.

I should add that I have one post that looks like will enter the Top Ten very quickly and may end up in the top three. The following post I wrote only two days ago, but it is very popular, currently in 19th place.

Bill Clinton – Power of Example vs. Example of Power

I did a google search for “clinton power example” and my post is the very first result. I think this post will eventually surpass the current champion.

So there it is, just some fun trivia on my blog for any who care. 🙂

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