Anyone Want to Privatize Social Security Now?

September 16, 2008 at 6:54 pm | Posted in American politics | 5 Comments

Ezra Klein makes a great point to tie the Republicans just THREE YEARS AGO trying to argue that Social Security money would be better placed in the stock market. Ha! I made a point of this a few posts ago, but the Dow Jones Industrial Average right now is about the same as it was EIGHT YEARS AGO.

Remember, also, if you had put your money in stocks in 1929, just before the crash, you would not have seen a positive return on your investment until the 1950s! That’s how long it took for the stock market to reach the highs of 1929.



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  1. While the DJIA is an important indicator of stock market performance (especially from a psychological standpoint), it is by no means an indicator for how well stocks as a whole are doing. Even in a bad economy, there are still good investments to be made. The people who lose their shirts are those foolish enough to be chase trends or put all of their eggs into the index fund basket.

  2. Jesse,

    While I agree, let me tell you how hard it is to keep up with which stocks are on the rise during a bear market. Over on facebook, I am using the Fantasy Stock Exchange, and it is quite hard to keep up with the best stocks. At some times, it is airline stocks. Then energy stocks. Then financials. Even some of the brightest boys in the game there can’t keep up. And you think Joe Shmoe can?

  3. You know the phrase “he who represents himself has a fool for a lawyer”? I feel the same way about portfolio management. 😉

  4. Jesse,

    Even the wisest cannot guide us correctly through the morass.

  5. Jack Cafferty raises this point.

    I think that we will not see Republicans raise this ugly beast again for a few generations to come.

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