Corporate Socialism Saves The Day!

September 18, 2008 at 9:14 pm | Posted in American politics | 2 Comments

The Dow jumped over 400 points upon news that the Federal Government was pumping taxpayer money into the private financial market. Woohoo. Banks loved it. They jumped for joy. Halleluiah, they exclaimed. They sure like it when the government helps them out, don’t they. It sure feels nice, doesn’t it, Wachovia? Merrill Lynch? AIG? Sure is nice to have a government safety net below you, isn’t it?

I wonder, if we were to have taken a poll, before all this crisis and governmental intervention occurred, just what would have the results been with the following question:

Should the government and regular taxpayers have to pay for a system that guarantees citizens of this country be provided with a way out during times of trouble?

I wonder what the results would have looked like from the executives at Lehman Brothers and AIG, or Fannie or Freddie.

In any case, I’m glad these bankers are now happy to have been saved by taxpayers. I doubt we will ever see them come out and thank taxpayers for their generosity. In fact, I believe they will continue parading around the philosophy of “small government,” of “non-governmental intrusion in private business.” I’m sure they will continue supporting candidates that will work to remove Social Security as it currently works. As long as taxpayers pay them in their times of need, they will continue parading against the needs of taxpayers.


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  1. I should add that conservatives would be up in arms if this were a Gore administration or a Kerry administration making these very moves. But, it’s okay if you are a Republican.

  2. Well, that’s because (as everybody knows) Republicans are just better with money than Democrats.

    Democrats just want to give it away to everybody, for just about any old darn reason, whereas Republicans just want to limit it to giving it to their cronies on Wall Street.

    See how much more responsible Republicans are than Democrats?

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