Why The Bush Administration Should Have Been Impeached Long Ago

September 21, 2008 at 10:56 pm | Posted in American politics | 4 Comments

Because after messing up Iraq with little accountability, messing up New Orleans after Katrina with little accountability, they expect America to trust them with a blank check of $700 BILLION dollars! This demand that Congress give the US Treasury $700 billion dollars to give away to Wall Street is irresponsible governing. Worse, lobbyists from banks don’t want Congress to do anything with where the REAL problem lies in this financial mess right now. That problem lies in the foreclosing of millions of homes around the nation. Those foreclosed homes turn into the very same bad mortgages that are killing banks! And these banks don’t want to change that!

This will end up being simply theft, a stealing of $700 billion of America’s hard earned money. Shame on Mr. Paulson. Shame on Mr. Bush. Shame on anyone who backs this plan, as it is the most irresponsible plan you could possibly design to fix the current problem.


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  1. I predict that it will also lead to hyperinflationary depression in the USA. Hooray for the Gadianton society members who run our nation.

  2. New Deal Democrat on DailyKos has some great analysis from around the web, including Bill Kristol finally saying something smart. He too is against this bill.

  3. 1) A “Blank Check” of $700 billion?

    2) Where did that money come from? Where exactly will it go?

    3) How did this trouble start? Was it the Democratic Congess’ rejection of a regulations bill for Fannie and Freddie that was co-sponsored by McCain and voted down by Obama (He and Hilary having received a ridiculous amount of $$$ form Fannie and Freddie)?

  4. Yes, Barney Frank (who’s political coffers was filled well by the quasi socialist quasi businesses of Freddie Mack and Fanny May) prevented the reforms from being looked at.
    I sure hope the FBI finds a real connection with him and gets him out of there. I don’t think there are enough thinking people left in Mass to do it (I used to live there, I know!).

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