Financial Collapse – Under the Watch of the Republican Party

September 24, 2008 at 9:03 pm | Posted in American politics | 10 Comments

That’s basically what George Bush just said. Except of course he didn’t own up to that point, that in these past EIGHT YEARS he and the Republicans did NOTHING to ensure this collapse would not happen. Thank you Republicans. May your party now die an ignominious death. You have shamed this fine country of ours.


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  1. the closed minded republicans don’t get it and, i’m afraid they never will. what will it take for them to realize that the way they want to run this country is not going to work anymore (if it ever did!)? the sad thing is, the rest of the world sees it as well. i was in a hostile in germany right after bush got elected the second term. people there heard me talking to a few others and asked if i were an american. when i told them yes, they asked me if i voted for bush. i laughed and answered,”oh, hell no!” they smiled and added a “good” with a sigh. every single foreigner i met couldn’t understand why he was re-elected. i just shook my head and told them,”i have no clue.”

  2. big_smartmouth:

    Exactly my thoughts.

  3. Daniel, your website is so one sided that it’s hard to stomach. Can’t you realize there is good and bad in both parties?

    It’s like reading Huffington Post here.

  4. Katreena,

    There is indeed good and bad in both parties. But as long as Republicans continue on the path they are going on, the good in their party will continue to be overshadowed by the bad, and that bad is a stinking corpse.

  5. katreena,

    find me one republican website/blog that will point out the good of the democratic party. i would LOOOVE to read that one.

  6. big_smartmouth,

    So let’s perpetuate the negative! Sounds progressive to me!

    Daniel, consider Katreena’s words: Your site is so one-sided it’s hard to stomach. How many people have now told you that?

    As a matter of fact, it’s especially hard to stomach your constant attacks on certain people, all the while having links to The Book of Mormon and the Church, not to Mention the Temple, on your site. These things don’t go together.

  7. truther,

    You bet my view is one sided. As long as Republicans continue on their path, I will consistently harp on them. But, as far as “one-sided” goes, I guess you haven’t seen this post:

    I’m not kind to Democrats either. I think the Democrats in Congress these days are damn cowards. They say “how high” when a Republican says “jump.” Damn cowards.

    As far as links to church websites and constant attacks on people, I do hope you have gone to conservative Mormon blogs and criticized the same. Or is it okay for them to constantly attack people while they hold the same links? Just curious.

    Go away.

  8. You’re right. Other “Mormon” sites are just as bad. It really is ridiculous. When do people stand up and have it stop, rather than perpetuating it?- being just another one of those kinds of blogs?

  9. I’m a regular guy truther. What can I say.

    Frankly, you’re no different coming on here and constantly attacking me. Please look in the mirror first.

  10. um, i’m still waiting for those open minded, republican blogs…anyone?…anyone?

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