McCain: Depression By Monday! Quick Run For The Hills!

September 24, 2008 at 3:45 pm | Posted in American politics | Leave a comment

This is unbelievable.

They also deny that there is a political calculation in this and say without action the country could slide into a Depression by Monday and added “we’ll see 12 percent unemployment” if action is not completed. GOP sources say they believe the current deal is dead on the Hill and reject suggestions that without McCain’s vote Democrats would not support a package.

Really? 12 percent unemployment by Monday? Why exactly? And why now and not say, earlier this week when McCain’s numbers weren’t collapsing around him? Why not when Paulson first revealed how much money he wants control over?

I’m more curious about where McCain gets this “Depression by Monday” bullshit from. Because that is what it is. Bullshit. Is anyone here really going to fall for this crap?

McCain pretends to look presidential by unilaterally “suspending” his campaign, but alas, the situation really is not as dire as the Paulsons and McCains of the world claim it is. Thus McCain looks foolish instead, as his numbers are tanking and his campaign manager is caught in a damning lie regarding connections to Fannie Mae. It’s turning more into a—WOAH, LOOK what’s that over there!!!

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