Sarah Palin is Fundamentally Unfit To Be Vice President

October 1, 2008 at 9:24 pm | Posted in American politics | 2 Comments

And in her answer about whether or not there is a right to privacy in the Constitution, she said yes. Ezra Klein parses what her answer really means, and shows how much she really just doesn’t know:

Just to get this straight. Sarah Palin believes in an individual right to privacy, which is the basis for the Roe decision. But she disagrees with the decision. Because she thinks individual states should be able to abrogate a Constitutional right if they so choose.

I wonder if we will start seeing a backlash from conservatives who have been fighting these past forty years against Roe V Wade on this very principle, that there is no inherent right to privacy in the Constitution.



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  1. Not that I’m a Palin fan or anything, but I think that’s reading into things a bit much. You can easily believe that there is an implied right to privacy in the 4th Amendment and believe that implied right was improperly used as a support for the Roe decision. Many judicial scholars, even those who support the right to access abortions, know that the way the decision was handed down wasn’t sound.

  2. The “Implied Right” argument is an illegitimate claim, and that illegitimacy is why there is strength behind the movement to challenge and overturn Roe v. Wade.

    The decision needs to be revisited and new law articulate, whether it be supportive of abortion or not.

    Of course, someone who is an Obama supporter wouldn’t take Palin’s comment as an undercut of Bush policy, but spin it to an illegitimate argument having bearing on an entirely separate issue. This is journalistic lack of integrity at its best.

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