The Stupidity of Conservatives

October 7, 2008 at 12:17 pm | Posted in American politics | 13 Comments

they can’t even get their history right. On the one thing from history that they keep repeating over and over and over and over. You’d think they’d know it by heart.

As in many other conflicts in American history, our enemies in this war operate in many geographically distinct theaters. The essence of being a good commander in chief is appreciating the connections among these theaters — including the adversary’s willingness to open new fronts — rather than obsessing about where the last enemy attack originated.

This is exactly what President Franklin Roosevelt did in World War II when he chose to dedicate initially the bulk of American resources to the European theater, believing that destroying Hitler’s Reich was the most urgent task and that Imperial Japan could be dealt with in turn; history proved him right. Yet, under the Obama-Biden playbook, FDR blundered by getting distracted from the “real” war — in the Pacific, where America had been attacked.

Who are these people who don’t know their history?

Messrs. Rivkin and Casey are Washington, D.C., lawyers who served in the Justice Department under Presidents Reagan and George H.W. Bush and advise John McCain’s presidential campaign.

Ah, Republican lawyers.

What is the real history?

Well, they say that under an Obama plan, Roosevelt should have stuck with just the Japanese in the Pacific “where America had been attacked.” What these ill-educated lawyers seem to have forgotten about their favorite war is that Germany actually, legally, and quite openly DECLARED WAR against the United States of America. Germany made a choice to side with the Japanese and actually start a war with the United States. I wonder, why would Republican lawyers skip over this fact when trying to make a parallel to Iraq? Oh yeah, because Iraq DIDN’T declare war on the United States. In fact, we were the aggressors. You might say, we were like the Japanese during World War II. We were the first to strike. We were the ones to invade. Not the Iraqis.

Conservatives are stupid. I have to come to that conclusion because they keep making some of the stupidest comments and points to try and justify their propaganda. They are really stupid.



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  1. Because, obviously, all conservatives are cookie-cutter replicas of each other and incapable of independent thought.

  2. exactly! 🙂

    Sorry if I generalize sometimes, but it just really bugs me that they don’t seem to understand their history, particularly for a war that they continue to espouse as justification for modern conflicts.

  3. Saddam had a running Jihad on America. That’s effectually a declaration of war, the conventionality of which war could be debated. The parallel isn’t that bad.

    In similar ways as WW2, the US supplied one nation’s enemies. One nation declared war, another actually made war. The US took on both fronts.

    At face value, the analogy holds. Ideologically and politically, there is only some resemblance.

  4. truther,

    It actually is that bad. There is a big difference between Germany actually declaring war against America and Saddam hating us. Saddam did not invoke a jihad. He was a secularist, not a fundamentalist. He felt threatened by the fundamentalists.

    Sorry but the analogy does not hold. It never did.

  5. Daniel Nexon at Duck of Minerva highlights yet another conservative who gets his World War II history wrong.

  6. The problem with generalizations is that if you use them, you don’t have much right to be mad when they are used on you. Would it be fair for me to say that because Dennis Kucinich believes in UFOs that all Democrats believe in aliens visiting Earth a la Agent Mulder? Of course not. Painting with broad strokes invites like behavior. You can be mad as hell about something and still focus that anger on the responsible parties as opposed to lumping a bunch of people with internal disagreements into the same group.

    I call myself conservative. I didn’t ever think it was a good idea to go to Iraq. The logic in that piece from the WSJ is a stretch at best. But by calling all conservatives stupid and me by extension, you’re insulting someone on your side of the issue. I hope it’s not too hard to see why this is incredibly counter-productive.

  7. Jesse,

    You don’t have to read my blog you know. I am super angry at conservatives right now. Most of them, if not all of them. It will be a very long time before that anger subsides, particularly if remnants of the conservative movement continue to show such stupidity.

  8. Hilzoy shows some more conservative stupidity.

  9. Jihad:

  10. truther,

    Look at the date. April 1, 2003. This is AFTER we invaded his country and were about to completely overthrow his country. So, sorry dude, but he did not effectively “had a running Jihad on America” as you said. His jihad was invoked AFTER we invaded him.

    You need to do better.

  11. We are almost as stupid as Joe Biden and his citing Article I as dealing with the responsibilities of the VP when in actuality it was Article II…Stupid Democrats can’t get their Constitution right!

  12. I hate to break it to you Ms. Moral Relativism, but

    Article I: Section 3, which reads:

    The Vice President of the United States shall be President of the Senate but shall have no Vote, unless they be equally divided.

    Article I of the Constitution of the United States does INDEED deal with the Vice President, particularly in context to what Biden was talking about, what a VP does in conjunction with the Senate.

    But you wouldn’t know that, you stupid conservative.

  13. Steve Benen highlights yet another example.

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