Odierno Threatens Iraq With Withdrawal If They Don’t Sign SOFA

October 28, 2008 at 4:45 pm | Posted in American politics | 4 Comments

Please let it be so.

What’s funny is that General Odierno’s priorities are what they are. He would rather weaken Iraq, create more instability, stop the reconstruction in Iraq just so that Iraq signs this SOFA which would essentially allow the American military to continue acting above the law in Iraq. This says a number of things.

1. The American military’s actions within Iraq have been so extra-legal (i.e. so many innocents killed, so many houses destroyed, etc) that giving Iraq the right to hold Americans accountable is absolutely unacceptable to Odierno.

2. Odierno and the military don’t seem to be caring too much about making Iraq stable. It’s not very high on the priority list.

3. Odierno may realize that he doesn’t have the best hand here. The Iraqis do. See, the Iraqis will actually survive without the Americans. They can afford the Americans leaving. But can the American military afford to leave Iraq before they deem it ready?

Personally, I hope the Iraqis stand firm and maybe the Americans might just have to leave before Obama is even president. That would be beautiful.


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  1. What? You think withdrawing would “weaken Iraq, create more instability, stop the reconstruction in Iraq” (Are you implicitly admitting the surge worked??? Maybe there is hope for you!) But then your third point is that Iraq will be just fine if the U.S were to withdraw… Can you say contradiction. Oh, and Iraq would NOT be just fine if we withdraw, let me quote from your source, “Without coalition forces, Iraq would virtually shut down.” And then further on in the article “Iran is pressuring Shiite Iraqi officials not to sign the agreement.” I wonder why? Perhaps you should look at the larger picture.

  2. Joe,

    I don’t think withdrawing would weaken Iraq, create more instability, etc. But Odierno thinks so. I honestly believe Iraq will be much better off without us there. We’re a massive impediment to Iraqis living a normal life.

  3. I should have known… But in that case your third point is a real kicker! Odierno “realizes” that Iraq can survive America leaving, so he threatens withdrawal in order to convince Iraq to let America stay????? You got some strange logic going on there. More likely he realizes Iraq cannot survive America leaving, and therefore he can use that as leverage.

  4. Joe,

    I’m not the one following strange logic. That would be the Bush administration and its supporters. You can have the last word here. Things are changing and you guys have lost.

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