Sarah “Small Town” Palin Shops At Saks Fifth Ave and Neiman Marcus

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Hey all you small town folks, just how many Neiman Marcuses are in your small towns? I don’t see one in Alaska. And the ones on that list are in bigger cities…Well, the Republican National Committee just spent $150,000 on beautifying Mrs. Palin. Awwww.

Oh yeah, and Sarah Palin charged Alaskan taxpayers for bringing her kids along with her on trips.

Sure looks like a very corrupt individual to me.

McCain’s Leadership

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So supposedly the McCain campaign is going to consider raising the Wright card in these last two weeks. Their rationale is that John Lewis called McCain a George Wallace. Before this, the supposed rationale that McCain used to raise Ayers was that Obama didn’t want to meet him in 10 townhall meetings over the summer.

So let’s see what kind of leader McCain is. McCain chooses to raise the Ayers connection and doesn’t take responsibility that he made that choice of his own free will. He says, in fact, that he had no choice. He says that he could not choose to take the high road and not bring up Ayers. He says that the inevitable, inexorable progression of Obama declining the townhall offer is that Ayers would be brought up. What kind of leader is he if he cannot make choices of his own free will?

Republicans Standing Up Against Their Own Bigots

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I am heartened to see this. From the Jed Report. This is the direction I hope to see more of from Republicans. Stand up to the bigots and extremists within your ranks.

Republicans On Colin Powell: He’s No Republican

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Or as Novak puts it, he’s a librul. Just to show how far the Republican party has fallen. You dare disagree with them, and they kick you out. There are no Obama Republicans in their minds. If you are for Obama, you are a liberal socialist Democrat and a Republican traitor.

Enjoy time as a minority party, Republicans. May you continue on this path to extinction.

Bush to Keep Guantanamo Open

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like this surprised anyone. The sad part is that Guantanamo Bay Prison will be Bush’s defining moment in history. It will be what he will be remembered for the most. For introducing torture to America. For attempting to subvert and avoid law and to keep people in prison for the rest of their lives before they even are charged with anything. The Soviet Union under Stalin is remembered more for its gulags than anything else. It’s what stands out. It is what defines Stalin.

Guantanamo Bay Prison will be Bush’s defining moment. And now, with a chance to save some portion of his legacy, he swings and whiffs. Like that surprises anyone.

Obama Raised $150 Million in September

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Crushing previous records, Obama raised $150 million dollars in the month of September. I’ll give you two words why he was able to raise so much: Sarah Palin. I know that that is why I gave Obama $130 in September when I had previously never given any money to any politician. I found Sarah Palin absolutely unacceptable as an actual candidate for the White House. I found what the Republican party did at its Convention despicable and below the dignity of the party they represent. The Republican party must be humiliated in this election. They must realize how awful they have become (because apparently they cannot yet see it). For instance, you’ve got Mr. Mit East Coast Elitist Romney castigating East Coast Elitists. You’ve got Mr. Rudy Cosmopolitan Giuliani castigating Cosmopolitans. You’ve got Sarah Palin castigating community organizers. For what purpose? Simply to divide our nation.

And they still haven’t learned a single lesson. The McCain campaign right now would rather focus on the “real” “pro-American” parts of America, as opposed to the “fake” “anti-American” parts of America.

These guys need to lose, and badly.

Obama Draws 100,000 in St. Louis

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Wow, just wow.

Republican Hatred of Obama

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They must not be Christian.

What is it with Conservatives and Spelling

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I mean, seriously, it’s not that hard. That’s from a McCain ad.

and here is the ad

One of the Prices We Paid For Going Into Iraq

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We lost Afghanistan.

So, so, tragically sad.

Seriously, the #2 Post Is Cursed

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Yet another Al-Qaeda #2 is killed. Seriously, Al-Qaeda is gonna have to like skip #2 and #3. Those positions are just simply cursed. Whoever becomes #2 or 3 keeps dying. I’m sure the #4 guy is praying to Allah that the curse is lifted. He knows he would be next to move into the cursed spots.

John McCain Has Close Ties to Saddam Hussein

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Well well well. I can see why McCain would rather talk about a 60s radical. Surely he won’t try to bring this up in tomorrow’s debate. Now we see McCain’s transition person worked for Saddam to ease the sanctions against Iraq. Huh…Sure would hate for Obama to raise this up in tomorrow’s debate for 100 million Americans to hear.

Shorter David Brooks

October 14, 2008 at 5:54 am | Posted in American politics | 4 Comments

shorter David Brooks:

Republicans failed. Democrats will create programs that stabilize our economy and make it boom again. Republicans will huff and puff and convince uneducated Americans that Democrats take away from capitalistic success. Americans put Republicans back in charge who fail once again. Rinse and repeat.

For the Record…

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The following graph is courtesy of these folks, highlighting Bush’s approval/disapproval record. I slightly altered it. Count me with those who have never approved of Bush.

File This Under the Category of DUH!

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Seriously, we’re such cry babies. Waaah, the Iranians won’t let us play by ourselves in Iraq. Waaah! Waaaah!

On Mudslinging in the Election of 1800

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These writers are trying to say that we’ve had it easy this election cycle in terms of the mudslinging that’s been going on. That’s nice and all, but these writers forgot to mention that in 1800, we nearly came to blows as a nation because the two sides disliked each other that much. While we are, thankfully, nowhere near that kind of hate at this point, let us not set the bar that low for allowable mudslinging, because it may well lead to violence.

Bill Kristol to McCain: Be Even More Erratic

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Because you haven’t shown enough erraticism at the wheel yet, Mr. McCain.

What Regular Republicans Think of Obama

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pretty frightening stuff. I’d say Secret Service is going to have their work cut out for them under an Obama administration. If anything happens to Obama, blame John McCain and Sarah Palin and the Republican Party.

Continue Reading What Regular Republicans Think of Obama…

Sarah Palin Booed At Hockey Game

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Looks like America’s hockey fans aren’t too fond of America’s Hockey Mom…

Because No Christian Prays Obama Wins…

October 11, 2008 at 2:43 pm | Posted in American politics | 6 Comments

Pastor Arnold Conrad prayed:

I would also pray, Lord, that your reputation is involved in all that happens between now and November, because there are millions of people around this world praying to their god — whether it’s Hindu, Buddha, Allah — that his opponent wins, for a variety of reasons. And Lord, I pray that you will guard your own reputation, because they’re going to think that their god is bigger than you, if that happens. So I pray that you will step forward and honor your own name with all that happens between now and election day.

What the [bleep] is wrong with these people? Secondly, why would Mormons even consider themselves in the same league as these [bleep]. Yes, I am furious at conservatives and their stupidity.

And look at the arrogance of the prayer, staking the reputation of God Almighty to a McCain win in November. I wonder, what is this pastor going to do when McCain loses in November. Is he going to question God? What if it is God’s will that Obama wins?

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