Kill Your Way To Victory

November 2, 2008 at 7:37 am | Posted in American politics | 2 Comments

They never learn.


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  1. Bing West is all too typical of a certain genre of military brass. I won’t say all by any means, I’ve met some seriously thoughtful, intelligent, and properly measured people among Special Forces and top level brass as well. But the dangerous, bone-headed, dismissive attitude that Bing West all to often brings to the table is by no means his alone and has a sizable following in some military and political circles. I’ll turn the tables on Bing’s argument and point out you’ll never rid the US (or any powerful country’s) military and political decision-making echelons of Bing Wests, but what you can do is marginalize them by putting more intelligent, moral, and practical people into the key posts. Geez, I hope Obama does that, but I’m not yet convinced (especially with the way he’s lining up fools like Dennis Ross as his key Mideast advisor while allowing sensible old friends like Rashid Khalidi to get thrown under the bus for the crimes of being Arab and non-Zionist).

  2. NAA,

    Yeah, I know there will always be Bings in the military. It’s a great place for their kind to be, honestly. I want a hard nose like that in my military. But, like you say, a person like that must refine their beliefs in order to be more influential.

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