Israel Plans Unilateral Cease Fire

January 17, 2009 at 8:58 am | Posted in American politics | 11 Comments

After killing over 1000 Gazans, Israel says it is done. They say they’ve killed enough Palestinians to exact “punishment.” Hamas, of course, is not even close to being defeated. They will continue lobbing rockets into Israel. They will get more popular within Palestine. So…exactly what goals were attained? The only thing visible is lots of Gazan homes destroyed and over 1000 Gazans killed. There are still 1.5 million other Gazans who really like Hamas. So what goals were attained? If their goals were attained, would they now let food and other necessities into Gaza? Or are they going to continue starving Gazans to death?

Why would Israel end its war this weekend? What could possibly change that makes them decide to stop killing Gazans? It couldn’t possibly be that in America, George Fucking Bush is no longer going to be in power. Monday is his last day to fuck this world over. Israel knows this. They have to end now or they will be in big trouble when more responsible people come to take charge of America. Their days of killing wantonly are seemingly over.

The really sad part is that Israel really doesn’t seem to want peace with her neighbors. They know quite well that the more they kill Palestinians, the more Israel is hated in the Arab world, and they seem to welcome that.

I look forward to a more responsible government starting on Tuesday. Is the Obama administration going to be perfect? Nope. But they are a step in the right direction.


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  1. Israel unilaterally declared a ceasefire yesterday. Of course it quickly vanished when Hamas fired five rockets into Israel. Hamas does not want to cease fire unless it is on their therms. They are concerned about looking defeated in the eyes of the Arab world. In truth, they have been defeated from a military standpoint. The vanishing Israeli cease fire

  2. Dude,
    Speaking as a member of the Church, your cussing is starting to be a bit of a turn-off.

  3. I make no apologies. The man and what he stands for has created visceral anger in me. This blog was meant to vent my frustrations. He’s gone in a day and a half. You probably won’t see swear words out of me after this.

  4. Understood amigo. Don’t let your enemies turn your soul over to Satan though eh.

  5. Daniel, its a silly thing you posit when you talk about Israel not wanting peace with her neighbors. Israel suffers constant terrorist attacks in the name of Hamas, Palestine, and Hezbollah.

    And time may show that Israel accomplished a lot in marching into Gaza besides killing 1300 Palestinians (I suppose you believe that 0 of that number were hostile).

    Hezbollah’s leader in Lebanon spoke with regret for that conflict with Israel (after declaring victory) because of the loss of infrastructure and “scorched earth” they were left with, which came back to bite Hezbollah as they picked the fight and had no intention or means of cleaning up the mess.

    So that conflict bore fruit of a twisted sort, and so will this.

    War is hell and broadly wrong, but preach it to the real warmongers, the ones who sling the AK-74 over their shoulder before walking out the door every morning.

    Terrorists seek to reign with blood and horror, as does anyone who would wield power by rule of force.

    More on Israel- Israel left Gaza to Palestine. Palestinians could not provide for themselves or support their society there because they have no society or purpose except to fight Israel. They do not believe in elections or peace or individual achievement, only in a mythical opression by “Zion”. They are in a sad social state and it is in no way Israel’s fault.

    Palestine is controlled by Hamas and other terrorists who exploit Palestine to fanatically fight Israel.

  6. truther,

    Clearly you are ignorant in the ways of Israel and Palestine, otherwise you would know that Israel funded and supported Hamas throughout the 80s and 90s to try to counter the more secular Fatah party. They did so because they so utterly detested Yasir Arafat. Which is too bad because he really was trying to forge a peace with Israel. But Israel didn’t want peace, because the direction things would have been going that would have achieved peace between Israel and Palestine was not the direction Israel wanted. Israel would have been forced back to the ’67 border and they would have had to pull back all their illegal settlements in the West Bank and Gaza. That was unacceptable to Israel, so they purposefully and constantly undermined peace negotiations with Palestinians.

    Terrorists seek to reign with blood and horror, as does anyone who would wield power by rule of force.

    Are you really ready to admit that George W. Bush was seeking to “reign with blood and horror?” I’m with you on that!

    More on Israel- Israel left Gaza to Palestine

    Do you even know why? Obviously you don’t. Israel unilaterally withdrew from Gaza because they knew it would fully undermine Fatah, create a civil war between Fatah and Hamas, and ensure that no peace would be achieved in the foreseeable future. Look at how utterly weak Fatah is right now. You can thank Israel for that.

    If Israel wanted peace, they would do all in their power to ensure Fatah (as corrupt as they are) were seen as the saviors of the Palestinians. But that’s not what Israel wants. Israel wants more land. The only way it knows how to do that right now is through the slow creep of illegal settlement expansion. They can do this because the United States allows Israel to do this. Israel wants ALL of its former land back. Currently the parts they don’t have back are occupied by millions of Palestinians. Seeing that Palestinians are outbreeding Israel by like 3 to 1, the only way Israel can keep up is with the constant killing of those Palestinian children. That’s the only method they have to keep the Palestinian population in check while slowly pushing the Palestinians either toward Jordan or Egypt.

    Palestinians could not provide for themselves or support their society there because they have no society or purpose except to fight Israel.

    You are really stupid and ignorant.

    They do not believe in elections or peace or individual achievement, only in a mythical opression by “Zion”.

    They had an election. Quite fair too. They elected, by majority, for Hamas to lead them. Too bad for them that that is not what America wanted. But if we tell a people to hold an election and choose freely whomever they want to lead them, surely we would be supportive of the government they desired. But no, we’re hypocrites, we’re stupid, selfish hypocrites. And more people will die because of it. What a sad fucking world.

    Palestine is controlled by Hamas and other terrorists who exploit Palestine to fanatically fight Israel.

    The Jewish lobby here in America has propagandized you.

  7. Daniel, Israel is after land?

    Israel has seen that its control of Gaza has led to no peace or reconciliation with Palestinians and therefore that occupation provided no security or other benefit- so they left. And the rockets kept coming.

    Land has nothing to do with it. Security has everything to do with it. Palestinians want land, sure, but Israel wants security. Sometimes they have wanted land (West Bank, Gaza) but the contemporary situation does not reflect that.

    Why would they not remain in Gaza? (please don’t recite another hypothetical) Because they had no aims for occupation. They have no interest in Palestinian land.

    Yes, Israel has misplayed Fatah greatly, and it remains to be seen where Hamas stands after this war.

    And elections are supported by America- governments are a red herring.

    And quit cussing, dude. Come on.

  8. Yes, Israel is after land. That is their long term goal. It includes all of the West Bank. Why else are illegal settlements there, truther? Please answer that. If Israel is NOT after land, as you posit, why are they continuing to expand the illegal settlements?

  9. Security. Security. Security.

  10. Land IS security

  11. Matt Yglesias gets it:

    This is a pretty neat trick. Israel launches a war in Gaza that’s allegedly supposed to weaken Hamas. Then Israel declares victory, even though the war has in fact strengthened Hamas and weakened Fatah. Then thanks to Fatah’s weakened position, it’s impossible to forge a unity government. But absent a unity government, it’s unreasonable for Israel to negotiate—Q.E.D.! It puts one in a mind of the time when it was impossible with Israel to negotiate with the Palestinian Authority because it was run by a corrupt and incompetent Fatah. No negotiations until political reform! Then when the elections were held, it turned out that the opposition—Hamas—won. And then Israel couldn’t negotiate with Hamas!

    Taken in isolation, each of these positions has a patina of reasonableness but the overall pattern is of a government that’s much more interested in finding reasons to forever-forestall negotiations—expanding settlements all the while—than in finding a route to peace.

    And he’s Jewish and all.

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