There are other ways than trying to kill each other to live life in this world

January 18, 2009 at 11:12 am | Posted in American politics | 1 Comment

Twelve hours after Israel’s cease fire, Hamas also declares a cease fire. Of course, during those twelve hours, Hamas lobbed a bunch more rockets into Israel, proving that Israel’s killing of 1200 Palestinians did not in any way shape or form curb or halt the launching of rockets by Hamas into Israel. So…. what exactly did Israel expect from this new destruction? To strike a “blow” to Hamas, as Olmert said? Well, yeah, you hit them. You killed lots of them. But you also made them more popular because Hamas stood up against Israel. Look at how weak and impotent Fatah is looking right now. What Palestinian is going to support Fatah right now?

The real reason Israel ended its cease fire this weekend of all weekends, without Hamas ultimately wiped out, was because George W. Bush will not be in power anymore (THANK GOD!)

But the message sent to the rest of the Arab world, by Israel, is that Israel cannot defeat a ragtag religious, national group like Hamas with its military power. It cannot defeat a similar group in Lebanon, Hezbollah, through military power. What kind of message is Iran getting from all of this? That they can proceed forward with their nuclear ambitions knowing full well that Israel is incapable of launching a death blow at them. They may get hit, but Israel is truly incapable of ultimately harming their nuclear ambitions. That’s the message sent with the attack on Gaza. Iran has 65 million people. They spend on their military the same amount that Israel spends (roughly $9 billion). Israel, though, is heavily subsidized by the United States (and most likely will force the United States into a conflict with Iran that doesn’t really need to happen). Israel has 7 million people (but those 7 million project far more power per capita than the 65 million Iranians). Israel won’t really be able to do something against Iran because it has to get airspace approval of the nations between them. Iran gets to Israel through proxies (Hezbollah). Sadly Israel has not made many good friends in the Middle East and cannot do the same to Iran.

Israel should consider it though. There is a group in Iran that might be of Israel’s interest to support. The Kurds. Just throwing that out there.

Or maybe Israel could start trying to talk to Iran. Not about peace, not about war, not about anything but talking from one human to another. Send the Israeli Philharmonic to play in Tehran. Allow Iranian musicians to come to Tel Aviv. It has worked between previous intractable enemies (The Soviet Union and The United States). Surely it can work in a smaller area too.

Just saying. There are other ways than trying to kill each other to live life in this world.

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  1. Israel already trains Kurdish militias in northern Iraq.
    I once added up the defense spending discrepancies between the US, Iran and Israel and here are the numbers:
    To me this is a good indication of how militaristic the nation of Iran truly is. According to this article, Iran spends 110$ per person in Iran on defense. That amounts to (70 million X 110$) 7.7 billion dollars a year. The article also states that Israel spends 1,737$ per person in Israel. That amounts to (7.241 million X 1,737$) 12.6 billion dollars. Of course, they are both far behind the USA which spends 1796$ per USA person, amounting to (301 million X 1796$) 540 billion dollars.

    The area of Israel is 20,770 square kilometers. That means that it is spending (12.6 billion dollars/20,770) 607,000$ to defend a square kilometer of its land.

    The area of Iran is 1.648 million square kilometers. That means Iran is spending (7.7 billion dollars/1.648 million) 4,672 dollars to defend a square kilometer of its land.

    The area of the USA is 9.826 million square kilometers. That means the USA is spending (540 billion dollars/9.826 million) 55,000 dollars to defend a square kilometer of its land.

    So, let me get this straight. The USA is spending about 70 times more money on defense than Iran, and about 45 times more money on defense than Israel. Israel is spending about 1.64 times more money on defense than Iran.

    Per capita, the USA is spending 16 times more than Iran and Israel is spending 15.8 times more than Iran on defense.

    Per square kilometer of land, the USA spends 11.8 times that which Iran spends, while Israel spends 130 times the amount Iran spends of defense.

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