After Killing 1300 Palestinians, Israel Tries To Give Palestinians Candy

January 20, 2009 at 3:24 pm | Posted in American politics | 2 Comments

A most telling moment in this article.

In an effort to show the ordinary Gazans that the war was not aimed against them, Israel on Sunday opened a regional medical clinic for the people of Gaza in the huge new passenger terminal at the Erez border crossing.

By Monday afternoon only three patients had shown up for treatment, according to medical officials there, none of them casualties of the war.

There have been efforts to try to make the place cheerful, with colorful plastic jungle gyms for children. But when a group of children passed through on Monday, all cancer patients on their way to a hospital in East Jerusalem, the parents accompanying them had stony expressions on their faces, and the jungle gyms and a table of Israeli candies and snacks were left untouched.

Guilty conscience, Israel?

Maybe you should have tried that BEFORE you killed 1300 Palestinians.


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  1. The Palestinians refer to the Erez Crossing as the Mahlab – the “milking station”. It is an inhumane pen that makes you feel like an animal as the Israelis run you through it treating you like an animal the whole way. I’ve been there, it’s disgusting, every bit a piece of Apartheid and Jim Crow. And what’s even worse is that once upon a time it was the only one but now it is part of an extensive series of such Mahlabs. Back in the mid-90s an official in the Palestinian governor’s office of Hebron gave me a copy of the Israeli blueprints for a similar inhuman Mahlab designed for Bethlehem. That monstrosity is a now a reality and incorporated into Israel’s West Bank Apartheid Wall. A Mormon Palestinian friend of mine who lives in the Bethlehem area has to pass through it if she has gotten lucky enough to get a permit to allow her to go to church at the branch in the BYU Jerusalem Center (or else spend hours and hours climbing over rocky hills and sneaking past Israeli terrorist soldiers who do shoot at civilians trying to just get from place to place, rather than the 15 minute drive it used to be to get from Bethlehem to BYU Jerusalem).

  2. hey Non-Arab Arab,

    Thanks for adding that.

    Back at BYU, I took their Arab-Israeli Conflict class. The professor had us split into various factions and argue those points throughout the class. I decided to get a fresh view and chose the “extremist Palestinian” viewpoint. I didn’t know all that much about the details of what Palestinians had to go through (the American media ensures that Americans don’t see the humiliation that Palestinians go through on a daily routine). I didn’t know about the different license plates. The numerous, numerous checkpoints. The difference in allocation of water. All these really humiliating and denigrating things. I couldn’t help but feel seething anger at Israel during that class. I would not survive long as a Palestinian.

    We, Americans, pick on the Palestinians quite a lot (as shown by truther’s ignorant comments). We tend to forget that they don’t have a state of their own yet. Haven’t had it in quite some time. They are not a free people. Israel controls their lives. It’s a rather sad state of affairs as both sides, Israelis and Palestinians, need and use each other, feed off each other, in a near endless cycle of dependancy and violence with and toward each other.

    I’m glad we have someone in power now in the United States who takes his job seriously and maturely, who will be an actual friend to Israel. A real friend. Not the friend that keeps bringing over the drugs for another joint. That’s not Israel’s best friend, as much as both may believe it is. The real best friend is the one who says, “Enough.” 1300 Palestinians did not need to die. 13 Israelis did not need to die. But Israel felt that this would be the last joint they could inhale with their druggy friend, George W. Bush. Let us hope they do not elect Benjamin Netinyahoo (I know the real spelling) 🙂 in the coming elections. He is not one who looks out for the best interest of Israel.

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