President Barack Obama and A New Democratic Era

January 20, 2009 at 7:20 am | Posted in American politics | 2 Comments

I really don’t have much to say. I’ve felt these past eight years were one huge mistake made by, well, by the Supreme Court, frankly. The plurality of the people actually voted for the right guy back in 2000. I resigned myself to a Republican ruling because I figured he wouldn’t be that bad. His father was okay, and Reagan was pretty decent. But, my God, has George W. Bush been awful! The Republican party imploded on its own irrational propaganda. The greedy wrecked our economy. The warmongering tainted our image and security. What could go wrong did. An ideologically driven government tends not to govern very well.

I thank the majority of Americans for turning against Bush and the Republicans. I hope that Americans give Obama and the Democrats some time to clean up the mess that Republicans left. It will take a while to clean up after them. I hope the Republican party learns to become responsible again so that they can be a good party of opposition. I will not be voting for any Republican anytime soon.

Just now, listening to the Today Show, Robert Gibbs, Obama’s new press secretary, was asked about this or that, and he stated that he and the Obama administration were looking to work toward peace in the Middle East. This is such refreshing talk. We’ll see how well they manage it, but the direction is the right direction.

So I wish President Obama the best. I hope the Democrats in Congress get a little (well, really a lot) more courage and not really care what Republicans say or protest. Do what you need to do, Democrats. Fix the mess.


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  1. As if “working towards peace in the Middle East” is a new line.

    Don’t step in the bulls**t.

  2. quit cussing.

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