…And Why We Should Be EXTRA Thankful to God That This Man Did Not Get Elected

January 22, 2009 at 5:30 pm | Posted in American politics | 3 Comments

(via Matthew Yglesias)


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  1. Obama is effectively doubling Gauntanamo.

    Only that the one Gitmo is turning into multiple Gitmos.

  2. I only approved this comment to show another example of the stupidity of conservatives today.

  3. Mitt has a pathological need to be liked. He will always say things designed to make people like him. If he were running for Governor of Missouri in 1840, he would talk about doubling Haun’s Mill.

    BTW truther–yes, the two or three people in Gitmo who are actually terrorists are so evil that they can’t be contained in other prisons. We’d better keep them there with all the people randomly swept up by incompetent intelligence people to help keep America safe.

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